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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project Life-February13

I am so behind in updating my Project Life pictures. Only yesterday I ordered the March photo prints!!
Still I am grateful for documenting our life this way.
And today I'm posting the snaps from February.

 The first card is a short note about how the month was for us. The right side print is from my handmade stamp. The last two are postcards that I received for the postcard swap hosted by Marcia of Artistsinblogland.
 This pictures of the snow storm looks quite unreal to me now. Thankfully we are now enjoying Spring.
 That is my little artist on the top left and on the right picture, my little one is just exploring the colors. The last three pictures are the tags I received for the tag swap.
The children's pictures were the first that I took with my new camera. It was a Valentine gift from my husband. February 16th, we celebrated our ninth wedding Anniversary. The last two pictures are part of the anniversary day.

More pictures of the children. Ashish doing his homework and Siddy just goofing around. And yes, on the right is the picture of a tired looking Mom:).
I would love to learn to take good pictures. I am looking for affordable online classes to learn  about good photography.
Thank you for being here


  1. Beautiful photographs! I love how you've combined them with so many elements. You've captured such great moments!

  2. Hooray for a Project Life post!! So happy to see your cute family and your beautiful art and even the tags you recieved. WOW, so many goodies in this month. I'm so thrilled your still doing this and enjoying it. I think it's great your in the photos, keep doing that! I wish to take better photos but I think yours looks good to me.

    Hope your week has been good! I sent you an email!!


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