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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


 These works are from Junelle Jacobson's " Bless This Mess" class that I'm currently taking. Junelle's  first workshop, The Art of Wild Abandonment is one of my favorites classes that I've taken so far. If you love sketching and watercolors, flowers and sheep I strongly recommend her classes.

 Mother's Day cards made by four year old's, of course with a little help from me.. 
 Another birthday card that I made for my son's friend. 

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  1. Susan, I LOOOOOVE your houses!!! So happy your sharing them today, made me smile!! The first one has gorgeous colors and texture, great job. The others are so FUN AND HAPPY, LOVE THEM!! I can't wait to start on my houses now, thanks for the inspiration!!

    So sweet that your making homemade cards now too, love these. Great times to have with your son and crafting together!

    Thanks Susan, this whole post made me happy! Oh and go please sketch my strawberry plants from the garden, I would love to see them. I love my lilacs, brought them in the house and they smell wonderful.


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