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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Playing with my watercolors

Early mornings are my sketching time. Usually, I find the subject to sketch from books. But on this Monday, I was dead tired (we made a very tiring trip to Six Flags on Sunday. If anyone out there is planning to make a trip to Jackson, NJ Six Flags, please don't get trapped in the long queue for the Safari Ride. We had to stand in the line for almost five hours, yuckk... and that experience just took away the joy of being there.) It was not just the previous day's trip but also I was tired of trying to pay attention, to focus on the topic to draw.
I only wanted to play with my watercolors and when I looked out of my door, this is what I saw: the blue sky, the red-bricked apartments, the flowers and the trees and the beautiful lawn.
I decided to just enjoy the outside scene and my paints and this is what I created.

This experience was so relaxing for me. I've never enjoyed my painting process like this before.It was like discovering the path to go back in time, to that little girl who used to explore and have fun with her colors long, long ago.
I loved the process and want to try this free painting style more often.
Do you ever go back in time while creating?
Have you ever experienced the joy of painting with a free mind and loose style? If so, Please share... 

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  1. Hi Susan,

    Sorry to hear your trip didn't go well. I wouldn't like waiting that long either.

    WOW, this is so pretty! I can see that you had fun doing this, AWESOME JOB!!

    I didn't know you got your ideas from books, wondered what inspired you for your art. What kind of books are they?

    I will need to give this a try too, out my window it would be mostly green for all the grass and trees grown in now. So happy to have summer be here.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've been collaging with pink/yellow now. Going crazy with it all and already have my next colors picked out too. Will share next week sometime.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend! HUGS!


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