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Friday, June 21, 2013

SOC: Week-2

This week's SOC-13 was quite a challenge for me.Pink is not so much my color. Even though I love seeing it on other's art I rarely use it on mine.
But thanks Kristin, for the opportunity to play with these colors that I ended up making two pages:)

At first I created a simple page using stencils and hand made stamps.Please click on the pictures to see better. I love the colors popping out of the white page.
On washi tape I wrote, "Sometimes SIMPLICITY is all that Matters."

But somehow I didn't feel fully  content with this page. I'd wanted to do a portrait but was not sure how it will turn out. I was afraid that it won't be good enough to post, so I kept on postponing that idea.
But yesterday night I thought, at the most what will happen if my drawing doesn't do well? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Then why not try what my heart wants? I'll have fun and if it doesn't turn out well fine, but I can be happy that I at least tried. And thus this pretty lady was created.

"If you never try, you'll never know."

 She may not be perfect but I love her, her blushing face, her orange hair and all the little "diamonds" that she is proudly wearing:)

I'm glad that I followed my heart and went ahead and created her. I think it's so much fun to create portraits in unreal shades and I'm going to try creating more such faces in different colors.
 You can go here to see more stunning works by other artists. I'm also linking this page to PPF and Julie Balzer's  Art Journal Everyday 

Thank you all for your encouragement and kind words. I love reading each and everyone of them and please do continue supporting me and my art.
SusaN .


  1. Beautiful pages. Really love the ornateness of that first spread!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  2. Love your handmade stamps and the stencils. Made a gorgeous page. Also, I like your portrait. Great diamonds.

  3. Beautiful face--so true! Thanks for sharing! --Sandy Leigh

  4. I bet we will see pink from you again. These are beautiful pages.

  5. Love what you have made. The first journal pages are fresh and pretty, but your portrait really has heART! Valerie

  6. It's so hard overcoming that fear of imperfection, isn't it? We're our own worst critics. I'm so glad you followed your heart and created her - she's lovely! I adore her hair...

  7. Your pieces are so different and you've so clearly enjoyed creating them. I'm a big fan of strange shades (and textures) in portraits too, I hope to see you do more of them!

  8. She is adorable. I love pink so she speaks to me!! I was not happy with my piece , especially when I love this combination so much... I think I was a bit spent when I did mine. Yours is lovely!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. What a pretty journal page, love the flowers and the especially the writing!!

    The woman is BEAUTIFUL, SO HAPPY AND PROUD OF YOU FOR GOING FOR IT!! I was like that this week too, I think it's the colors and how pretty they are. She is just perfect Susan, HER HAIR IS GORGEOUS, LOVE IT!! The added jewels makes it YOU and more special that way. I agree about the comment above, this was made from your heart and it shows.
    Hoping we will see more of these colorful faces SOON, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Trust and believe my friend!!
    Happy Weekend, hope it's sunny and warm and filled with creative time and LOVE!!

  10. Hi, Susan :). She is lovely! Perfect hair, and adornment :). I believe when I follow my heart in doing anything, it always give me the highest joy, fulfillment and meaning, no matter how small the task is :). Hugs.

  11. great pieces and such a good reminder to try what your heart wants rather than worry about how it will turn out

  12. I love your post so much! I am so happy that you followed your instincts and made your second pages, too! I love them both!!!! You are very talented and so creative! Thank you for sharing a little bit of you with all of us! You used these colors beautifully!!!!!

  13. Good of you to paint a portrait in spite of your doubts. It turned out great! And just doing it is the only way to learn and get rid of those doubts. Your first page is simple yet very effective. Great work.

  14. gorgeous pages Susan!!! I'm glad you went with your heart because your portrait spread is fabulous!!

  15. Oh that is so true....

    I love your 'before' pages but I also love that you went on to create the beautiful face. Love her 'bling' :)

    Karen x

  16. I love your pages especially as pink isn't one of your normal colours... it looks like you use it all the time it is handled so well... happy week 2...xx

  17. Oh yes, I love the colors here too! I think that portraits in unusual colors are so intriguing and I'm glad you went for it. Lovely results, xoxo


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