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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Just two drawings from last week.

 The brushes in a jar is part of an online class that I'm taking. 

We  planted some veggies last week at  our friend's garden. That inspired me to draw this tomato plant.

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Thank you 


  1. Susan, I just love seeing these sketches on book paper this week!! They are both wonderful! I love seeing drawings of art supplies and glass jars.
    How cool that you got to help in the garden, this plant looks so real and the tomato looks yummy!! Ours are looking pretty good right now.

    Have a wonderful week, I'm off to see what the new SOC will be!!

  2. Happy Sunday Sketches! Thanks for sharing your work. :) I especially like that you did these on book paper. SO inspiring! Makes me want to jump off the computer and start sketching in one of my old books!! LOVE!

  3. Love how your sketches look on book pages. :)

  4. I like both of them, especially the tomato, because the red stands out so nicely against the print. I'm visiting via Sunday Sketches. Blessings!


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