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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Sketches -June

My sketches from last week:

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  1. These are absolutely lovely. I LOVE love the bright colors of the first two also. :) Well done.

  2. Lovely, happy drawings with gorgeous colors! <3

  3. These are so beautiful, love love the colors on them!! Wish my flowers could come out like yours, would be nice to sit and paint with you!! Isn't it so nice to be painting and having spring/summer inspirations around us now after that long cold winter. My hubby and I just walked out back and saw the most amazing clouds in the sky, it's the dark/gray rainy ones but still so beautiful. We looked at all the green and trees grown in now, so much peace and beauty out there.

    Thanks for the visit on my blog. SOOOOO excited about my PL again, crazy that I spent my saved up money for my class. Back to saving again and hope to still have enough in time. It's so nice have it back though and once I get the right protectors it will be so nice.

    Hope your doing well, thanks so much for sharing these BEAUTIFUL HAPPY FLOWERS WITH US!!

  4. Beautiful work! Love the color and fabulous composition!


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