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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Fall

Happy Fall to all of you. This is my favorite season for I feel Nature is adorned in her best shades from late September to the end of Oct or November.
But unfortunately it is not the best time of the year at home. School starts and along with it comes a series of visitors to my house such as cold and fever. Right now my oldest is at home recovering from a fever.

Last week it was my little son who had been suffering. So there it is, my tea cup resting along with the thermometer and the kids' medicine. A sketch that I did on my daily journal.

Yesterday I had my third watercolor class and I did more cars. I'm thoroughly enjoying this 'me' time that I get once in a week. Of course I do get time to do art at home but I've to juggle it with so many other chores.

When do you set aside some 'me' time for yourself ? I never realized the importance of keeping one in the past. But once I've started getting up early to have my own time, I understood how valuable and important it is now in my life. It energizes and makes me more productive and happy for the rest of the day.

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  1. I hope the little one is feeling better. My oldest and myself are dealing with horrible allergies this fall.
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I, too , love this time of year with all the amazing colors.
    Sorry your little ones have not been feeling well :(

    Nice work on the cars, I like the vibrant colors.

    Best wishes for a good day :)

  3. Happy T Day! I'm also digging the fall, but not too happy about the cold germs that are already going around. I know what you mean about "me time." I almost always squeeze in an hour of it, wherever it fits in my schedule. I feel grumpy and out of sorts when I have to skip it, but happy and well-rested when I stay on schedule with it. Hope you get to spend some time having fun today!

  4. Hope sickness is gone soon! :)
    There is something about going away for an art class that is just special. Sometimes I was too tired to pack up and drive in the cold winter--but once I got there--wow! So nice to have uninterrupted time to devote to playing with paint or pastels or whatever. I really enjoyed them. And I love your cars! :)
    Happy T-Day!

  5. Sorry to read that you have the downside to autumn with the viruses and bugs and hope everyone is soon feeling better. It is weird reading everyone's fall posts when I am experiencing my first spring in Australia!
    When I worked full time I used to get up and hour early just to sit and drink tea and read... it was my 'me' time and put me in a good mood for the day, now I don't work, the 'me' time has expanded and I can do what I like most of the day, and it is still a lovely feeling!

  6. I cannot believe how late I am getting here, Susan. I went shopping today instead of Wednesday, my usual shopping day. When I got home, I could barely walk. So, I laid down and just got up a few minutes ago. Sorry I’m late. And I am sorry your son has been sick, but I adore the drawing of the whole ordeal.

    Looks like you had some "me" time when you drew and painted those cars. You can be proud of yourself, because I can't draw anything. As for me time, I'm a consultant, but don't actively look for clients. Instead of going after people who would pay for my services, I would rather be making art. I have no one to blame or approve, except myself. Even Bleubeard is silent on that subject (grin).

    Happy T today. I really love that cup. It's so "you."

  7. I'm sorry that illness has hit your home. I was ill last week... I'm glad to see your art though, it is lovely. Yes, I very much agree that it's important to take some me time at times...

  8. Hope things clear up soon - its not nice having a sick child - Have a great week - Mxx

  9. Well, I'm late for T, but came by anyway. Hugs and kisses to the little ones, always breaks my heart to hear or see them sick. I agree with the "me" time, although I have plenty of alone time, I still do the creative stuff early in the morning. It does set the tone for the day. Love the card painting, all the vibrant colors.

  10. Sorry your little one is sick but your sure made some good art out of the whole thing. Also think your cars are great.


  11. I do wish I'd made time to make more art while my children were growing up. good for you...when mommy is happier the kids will be happier! the creativity will rub off on them and that will be a really good thing...hope the bug is on its way out and everyone stays healthy!

  12. Susan, that daily art of your day is so cute, love it!! I want to do that too, so fun!!

    YAY for your class time away from home and with other artists!! Those cars are beautiful, so fun to see them since you do a lot of girlie things. I bet the boys are happy about this too. They look great and your colors are always so bright!

    Healthy hugs coming your way!


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