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Friday, September 20, 2013

29 Faces Day 14-20

Here are my faces of this week. Wow! 9 more faces to go, time sure goes super fast.

   This is my flower girl and I love her
 The background is just a printed napkin and her dress is made out of gelli print paper.

 She is a favorite of mine. On the right is the gelli printed paper that I'd used to create her.That quote is for me and for anyone out there who spends so much time wasting to be a perfectionist.
 Normally, I would never dream of creating a green lipped girl but I'm just trying to be not perfect or realistic all the time.

 This last face is a painting that I did some months ago. It was part of a class that I took and yes, since she had all the unrealistic colors on her I never wanted to post her on my blog. So, there she is,  now I'm ok with her being here.I traced her and colored her with watercolor.

Fall, my favorite season is almost here.I'm waiting to see the shades of yellow, gold,red and brown around me.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend
I'm sharing my post with the works of other awesome artists at PPFArt Journal Everyday and of course 29 Faces
Thank you


  1. WOW Susan!! You are so awesome, these are so awesome!! I love seeing so many different ones here, WOW!!
    I think the fourth one down is my favorite, the background and just seeing her makes me smile. LOVE HER!!
    The green lip one, WAHOO!!! So pretty and good for you doing something new, she turned out so pretty and I love the color.
    The very last one, Susan, she is so beautiful. I love the lines, the jaw and how strong she is, the bun, the lines. I LOVE HER!!! Thank you so much for sharing her and letting ME know that not all your pieces are your favorite but that we keep going. The coloring looks good to me.
    The one that is your favorite, I love the designs on her face and background, ties them together wonderfully. I like the words too.
    WOW, Susan I am so happy and proud of you for making the time to do these. I know you are a busy mama right now but YOU DID IT!!! Now if only mine were caught up.
    Thanks so much for all your girl inspiration here, truly made my day!!!

  2. A great variety of loose, free, wonderful faces. I love the gal with the black hair and flowers on both sides. She's gorgeous.

  3. Love your faces, especially Flower Girl and the next one with the printed napkin.

  4. Wonderful array of faces with wonderful expression and colour:)

  5. Boy if you want to see unrealistic I am your blogger.... I love whimsy and imperfections.... so much fun all of these!! Good job with all the expressions! It's great to go out of your box at may discover another side of yourself!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. wow Susan, you have been productive! The third one is my favorite!!!!

  7. Wow Susan these are fun! I don't have a favourite as they all seem to be in a different mood and saying different things! You have captured the beauty of a womyn in my mind! HPPF!

  8. Susan, I love all of the faces!

    Thanks for the visit and kind words!


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