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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today I want to share some of the things that are going around here in my life. Now I'm home all by myself, missing my kids, especially my little one. He started going to day care today. I got the house all to myself for the last two and a half hours but did nothing creative. I miss my son so much that I'm calling my parents and friends and thus am trying to get used to the fact that he's away from home.

 I know things will be just fine, have experienced the same when my oldest started going to day care, still it's sad to see them all growing up and walking away from under my wings so soon.

Okay, now I don't want to spread this feeling of sadness around. Let me explain why I've posted these candy paintings here. Yesterday I registered for my first live water color class. I have always wanted to take class room lessons in art/ painting and yesterday my dream came true. It was a two hour class and frankly speaking I never knew how the time went. There is so much joy in spending your time with like minded people: People who love colors and shapes, who are kind and encourage you with their sweet words, people who talk to themselves when they are painting,( I do that a lot and felt very happy to be with such like minded folks).

 We did these candies as painting exercises there. I was trying to learn about perspective and shading about which I know nothing. Will post more of what happens with my classes here next week.

 I hope at least this week I'll be able to visit the other lovely blogs. Sometimes I wonder where all this rush in life is taking us. I've to take a conscious effort to slow down and savor each moment that is gifted to me. Happy Tuesday
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  1. Hi Susan,
    I love love your mugs, they are so CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!
    So glad your in a class now, it does help to have others around us sharing the same passion for art. YAY!!!!
    Hugs for you dear friend, I know the first day is the hardest, it will get easier and you will paint away those quiet hours in no time!!
    The candy art is so cool, what a fun first subject to paint. I like the contrast in colors and think you did a beautiful job on each one! can't wait to hear and see more about your class!

    Thanks so much for joining us for T today!
    I emailed you too, HUGS!

  2. Love your watercolor candies! I agree it is so much fun to spend time with people who enjoy the same things we do. Speaking from experience (my one and only is almost 21 now) I've experienced almost that same feeling from the time she went to preschool until she just left for Grad school a week ago. It does get better, especially when they want to share all about their day.

  3. I love the mugs and your candy looks great. Are you sure you need a class? I think you don't . . . I think you have mastered the watercolors. But yes hanging out with other artists is always fun and educational.
    Happy Tuesday !

  4. Congrats on taking a class, it can be fun to explore new endeavors! Your candies look wonderful. You are wonderfully creative in your art, I hope the adjustment to your little one being there less goes well.

  5. If I could draw like you, I'd be over the moon with happiness. And your perspective looks quite good, too. The candies are dandy, but the cups are T-riffic. OK, a bit over the top, but these had me grinning, even as you mourned your youngest going off to day care.

    Sorry I'm late getting here. Knew I would be, though. Thanks for joining T today. I love the cups, and the wonder and joy you bring to your posts.

  6. Your painting class sounds lovely, and the more you paint the more you will take your mind off your little one being away from home. I love the mugs one.

    I would love to learn to draw, maybe I will find a class. Thanks for visiting me too.

    Cazzy x

  7. You paint so beautifully! I'm sure your little boy was having a wonderful time.
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. Oh dear, that back to school lost feeling, wait till you see him off to Uni and he doesn't come home at the end of the school day... lost isn't the word for it.
    Love your sweet paintings, they would look good as a set for a kitchen!

  9. It is tough to let the children grow up and get more independent, but that'w what we are here help them learn to do that. cherish each moment-your youngest will come home with exciting stories and new knowledge! So glad you got to fulfill your dream of painting class...the candies are very well done!

  10. oh Susan... Hopefully your heart will get used to your little one being away...


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