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Friday, September 13, 2013

29 Faces: Day-7 to Day-13

This week I've seven faces to show(I can't believe that I've done 13 faces so far).  They are a mix, some I love and some turned out to be just okay. But I am being brave here to post all of them.

  This is my red haired girl. I painted her on patterned paper.

Long time ago I used to do Egyptian paintings on glass. Here I tried them on mixed media paper with lot of texture. I'm planning to do more of them.
 This is a collage. My six year old's favorite-:). I cut her out and did a face makeover. Added the flowers and the butterfly and the quote.  "If you stumble... make it part of your dance.", a reminder to myself that it's okay if things don't get right always. Perfectionism kills the fun in creating, a very valuable lesson that I learned in the last couple of months.
This week  I got Kelly-Rae-Roberts' awesome book, Taking Flight. This girl and the background were done from the techniques presented in it.I also added the wordings :" The joy of Learning" It's always wonderful to learn new techniques and get inspired by other artists' works.
 She is my favorite, my 2 year old's too. He said, "she looks pretty" my two sons are my critics-:) This is my Art Journal which got completed last month and I never thought of doing the cover.I adopted some techniques from Kelly Rae's  book and did this beautiful background and the girl.

I made a quick practice sketch with charcoal pencil. I think I might use her for a Halloween theme-:) Maybe next week, I'll try to spend more time with charcoal pencils.
Hope you are all having a great weekend. My week was so busy, getting adjusted to school schedules, some emotional struggles on parting with my little one for a couple of hours in a day care, lunch plans, a watercolor class, and of course faces. But I simply love this chaos that is a part and parcel of my life, and I am embracing all that is being gifted to me.
There, as usual I'm linking my work to PPF, Julie Balzer's Art Journal Everday
Hugs and Take Care


  1. Susan, how nice to have art critics in the house and especially those who say nice things! All your faces are wonderful and so varied. Dream Big and The Joy of Learning are my favorites, with the red-haired girl coming in very close behind.

  2. Susan, I LOVE all these girls!! How fun to have a nice variety of them, can't pick a favorite, sorry love them all!! So happy you were able to get all these done during your busy week, YAY!!! How sweet those boys are to pick a favorite, love that!! Keep going your on a roll now, half way thru the month so you can do it my friend!!
    I just posted my Friday pictures and have some art just for YOU in there. This daily picture taking and posting is getting me a little tired but hanging in there for the home stretch.
    Haven't done anything for our 30/30 class this week, did you?
    Take care and enjoy the weekend and your boys being home!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful set of faces. I really love the one called "Dream Big" with the gorgeous flowers surrounding her. These are all so nicely done :)

  4. I think they're all very unique and beautiful. In addition, they allowed you to explore various styles and mediums. Blessings!

  5. Wonderful compilation of faces...I love the variety..and that quote!! Making it part of your dance...LOVE IT! Susan your link of Paint Party Friday goes back to may need to re-enter this link!! Your Kelly rae inspired girl is gorgeous...

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Love all your faces! Such a variety of techniques and girls.

  7. Lovely faces Ariel! Happy Paper Saturdays. ManonX

  8. it is a joy to see all of your faces and pages
    so many sweet and interesting styles
    thank you for sharing.

  9. I cannot pick a favorite. I may have to agree with your 6 year old if I had to pick a favorite. I like each and every one of these. I have to get going. I have only done 7 so far. I am going to do some playing today.

  10. Beautiful paintings of faces! loved them all!

  11. I love the girl with the red hair. I never would have thought to paint hair flowing like that.

  12. So sweet! Your faces are fantastic! Interesting that you painted one on glass, I've thought about that before, but I tend to drop things...


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