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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

T for Tuesday-Watercolors

 Hello to Elizabeth and everyone who is visiting me. Above are the cups that I made as part of a mixed-media work. Sadly, it is still not completed-:)
 Yesterday was my last watercolor class. I really enjoyed taking part in it and was a bit sad when it got over. But the happy news is that she is keeping the class again in December, Yayy!
So this is the last piece that I did in class. I'm not happy with the way I did water here but that's okay, I guess, it gives me a reason to try painting this boat again.

This is another fishing boat that I did at home. 

Well that is it for T for Tuesday If you click on this link you can find other artists lovely 'T' links. 
Thank you for checking 


  1. lovely to see all three of your pieces, each is wonderfully unique from the other.

  2. If I could draw even half as well as you, I'd call it a miracle. I loved it all, even the water around the boat you didn't much care for. You work SO well with watercolors, and I hope to see more of these beauties in the future. As for the cups? The are perfect the way they are!!

    Happy T and thanks for joining.

  3. I love the fishing boat.
    Nice work, Susan

  4. I love the cups and the fishing boat! It seems like a fun class, your boat that you did there is very nice too!

  5. The boat is lovely! The shape is and colors are wonderful!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Keep going! you are doing great...but it seems there is always more to glad you shared!

  7. Hi Susan! So happy you joined us again this week, sorry I'm a little late. I LOOOOVE those teacups, so pretty and the darling handles and flowers!! Way to go on another beautiful watercolor painting from class, I love the boat and reflection!! That's great she will start class up again in December, you are learning and enjoying it so much, YAY!! I missed my painting group again last night and can't go next week either, seems something always happens on these nights. Wish it was a daytime class so would be easier for me to attend. That fishing boat looks so awesome, I love that idea. Great colors and details for it.

    You had a great week of painting my friend, keep it going!! Thanks for the comment on my post. Funny that I look like my sister because she and my other sister are twins and look NOTHING alike so everyone thinks me and Annie are the twins. I love those pictures of the pond reflection too, we all just stood there clicking away and staring at it.
    I thought you would like that art page on my thumb, made me laugh. The idea was from your drawings of medicine and thermometer for your son. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Your cups and boats are so beautiful! I love to play with watercolors but have never taken a class. I bet it would be a lot of fun. Maybe someday! Hope your week is going well! xo, janice

  9. ooh I love the fishing boat. the blue sky looks so beautiful


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