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Friday, October 18, 2013

October Blessings

Why does time go this fast? It has been more than a week since I've posted here.
 Well, these are some of the things I'd been doing in the last week.
  This is another painting that I did from Priscilla Hauser's book, Little Landscapes. This is a great book on acrylic painting. I think this is my fifth painting from her book.

This is a watercolor painting that I tried after watching a very talented lady's video. Thank you Laurie for sharing your wonderful videos.

 Last week we went on a six mile trek to see the Fall colors.

 This is the beautiful view that waited for us after walking for three miles.

 Dawn, this is one of my sky photos inspired by your awesome sky pictures.

This week I got a very sweet package from a wonderful friend. She graciously gifted me with some  photos and a lot of Project Life cards. I wanted to share them here. Thank you Dawn, for the wonderful surprise.
 I love love the colors and patterns. I still have got to do the journaling on some of them.

 Thank you so much for the sketches and the photos too. They are all safely treasured here.
   That is it for now. I'm linking my post to PPF. If you click on this link you can see a lot of awesome art by other artists.
Thank you for being here


  1. what a thoughtful gift from Dawn. Your pages are lovely. And your paintings-just beautiful! I do have that book on my wish list :)

  2. Lovely paintings and fall photos. Enjoy your great gift, too! Valerie

  3. Hi Susan, I'm soooo happy you enjoyed my gift and put them in this album. I'm thankful for our friendship too, you inspire me daily. So proud of you and all your art and thrilled with your Project Life album. The boys will love seeing this when they are older. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with me as well my friend.
    I love your new art here! The beach is amazing!! I love those flowers and hope you are sharing them with Laurie she will love them too. They came out so well and you are just as talented as she is!!

    WOW, these nature pictures are STUNNING!! How awesome to see the fall like this in the trees and that picture of the sky for me is GORGEOUS!! Would love to go hiking like this and see natures beauty so big and open like this, better then my yard. Thanks so much for sharing them, YAY!!

    Happy weekend, can't wait for Tuesday to come!!! This made my day, I missed your blogging this week!!

  4. Love your vase of flowers...very pretty!! Nice photos too!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Dawn is such a sweetheart, right?! I love what you did with the gifts - and your photos are stunning! Lovely paintings too - I love the flowers in a vase especially, xoxo

  6. What a beautiful sight to behold after your hike.
    How nice to get the gifts from your friend.

    I like your paintings.

    Happy weekend


  7. Wow, you have been busy! Your fall photos are breathtakingly beautiful; looks like you had a nice little trip to see the foliage.

  8. I think your sea landscape is really lively and full of sea breezes. It is hard to use acrylic effectively without the colors looking garish but you have pulled it off. love the sea grass blowing in the wind and I can feel the sand between my toes! lovely


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