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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good Bye 2013

Hello to Elizabeth and all of you. This is my last post of this year. Feeling so blessed and Thankful for all the gifts that I and my family received.
This is a picture taken by my son when we went to see the Christmas lights in NY
This year I've chosen two words for myself: Compassion and Growth. More on these two words on a later post. 

For this week's T for Tuesday I'm not showing tea but home made ginger-lime juice. This is a syrup that I made using lots of sugar, ginger and lime juice. It is very yummy and this is the third time that I'm making it in this month.
Have you all been getting ready to play and create in 2014? The above journal will be my daily writing and art journal. I'm taking part in a new project named The Documented Life Project and for this I altered a regular journal using washi tape, gelli print paper and paints.
This is the first page where I created a calendar format with watercolor background.The blank paper is attached using washi tape and on that I will do art. I'm excited about this project as I always love to add color to my daily writing journal.
My second album for Project Life. This time I bought a Beck Higgins PL album. Hope it will hold the entire year's photos-:) 
I am also planning to do more art journaling and sketching this year. Hope to be more disciplined and organized in my art too. 
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting T for Tuesday. This year I also am planning to be more active on my blog with at least three posts a week.
Wishing everyone a peaceful, healthy and beautiful 2014. May each one of your hopes and dreams be fulfilled in the coming year.


  1. It has been such fun visiting you on T Tuesday and seeing your beautiful art. Happy New Year!

  2. What do you use the syrup for? I'd like to try it on pancakes (yum).

    Several of my art friends are doing that documented life project with washi tape and gelli prints. I think it's become the rage of the art community this year. I look forward to seeing where your PL book takes you this year, too.

    Thanks for joining T each Tuesday. I'm always glad to see you and your lovely art you create. Beautiful art always comes from your blog, whether it's in journal form or on canvas.

    Have a joyous New Year filled with happiness, art, and good friends.

  3. I think the Document Life project sounds really cool...will be fun to follow along with your work! Happy and Prosperous New Year to you, with lots of creativity!

  4. I'm late making my T Tuesday rounds. Your drink sounds delicious. I'm a fan of both ginger and lime. Your journal looks great, hope you got a start on it today, this first day of 2014. Happy New Year, look forward to meeting on T stands for Tuesday again.


  5. Hello Susan,
    I am so happy to see this YUMMY post, your art is always so good to see! WOW, your son did a great job of getting this picture, STUNNING!! Tell him he did great!

    Look how pretty your journal is, I know you will love filling it up with color and art and maybe a few flowers. Can't wait to see the pages as you do them. Might still join in late to this party if I can get a journal. Nothing like this at Walmart so would have to go elsewhere.
    Happpppy New Year dear fried and enjoy seeing what those two awesome words will do for you this year.

  6. Susan, I'm so sorry, how could I forget to mention your PL album. I almost got the same one, YAY!! I love the words on it. This time I went with white and colors, all my others are black or blue. SOOOOOO thrilled that you will be doing this too again. Hope you can post them a little more, would love to see.
    More blogging from you would be very nice, but know you are busy painting and creating which is also very good!
    Happy PL 2014 for us both!

  7. Chiming in a wee bit late to wish you a Happy New Year and T Day ...
    Looks and sounds like you have lots of great creativeness planned for 2014!
    Your words are inspiring and strong!

  8. oh and I adore the tree light photo your son took...
    LIGHT happens to be my word for 2014 :)


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