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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day-25, 26

I'm late as usual for Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday:(  But I still wanted to share my art with you all.

I have two art journal pages from Lisa Sonora Beam's 30 Day Journal Project-Root. This week I want to share the collage of my  tea cup. I have it filled with hot cocoa-:)
Day 25
The above line is so true. It takes a lot of courage to create and share our art. I had been painting or experimenting for some time but found courage to share them here only a couple of years ago.

Day 26

A quote from Gustave Flaubert "The principal thing in this world is to keep one's soul aloft." 
I did this page in watercolors and also added collage elements to it.  

The week -5 challenge at The Documented Life Project was to add a Doodled border to our page. This is my page where I have also used doodle stamps. 

I will share the last 5 days journaling pages from Lisa's Project  on Saturday.

If anyone is interested in drawing faces from the 1st of February starts 29 Faces.For 29 days you get to draw or paint or collage a face. You can find the details here. I'm planning to do it and hope to see you there.
Thank you for checking 


  1. Oh Susan, I so admire your courage. I can't draw anything. My hands simply don't respond to what my eyes see. I always love your art, and can't wait to see your faces. I bet you could even draw one on a coffee mug (grin).

    Thanks for joining T(ea) today. Now I want some of that hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows, as drawn!

  2. I like them all! :) Drawing faces scares me--LOL!
    Love the Flaubert quote!!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  3. It sure does! Love your pages. Very creative

  4. Your pages are so colorful and uplifting...
    thank you for sharing...
    Hope you had a Happy T Day!

  5. Hello Susan,
    I love these, so cute is that mug and hot chocolate!! Yes, you are very brave and have grown so much in your art. Lucky for us that you share it with us, keep sharing!! Again, love all these and can't pick a favorite. So wish she was keeping this ROOT shop going thru the year for you. I know she has a class you can join? Are you thinking of it?
    LOVE your doodles !!

    Thank you again for reminding me about the 29 faces. What book/journal/paper are you going to use? I will have to see what I have. Last year I think mine were small ones for my PL?? Will go check and decide how to do it this year. Can't wait to see your faces, LOVE THEM!!

    Stay warm my friend, kids are home again today and have been all week. YIKES!

  6. Great art work on ALL your pages.

    Just checked out the 29 faces, sounds interesting and fun, may have to give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing the info.


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