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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Root Day21-24

One more week and we will be starting February. Does anyone think what or how meaningful our life is ? No matter what, time doesn't stop for us and where are we going? What is our destination and once we reach wherever that is, what is next? Just asking, sometimes these are the questions that pass through my mind?

Lisa Sonora Beam's 30 Day Journal Project will get over by next week :( I'm enjoying this project so much and here are this week's journal pages:

Day 21- Remember who you are...
Yet another favorite page with lots of layering using masking tape, gesso, modeling paste, stamping, stenciling and glimmer mists.

Day 22 Lisa gave a very interesting quote on loneliness. This page is also full of my thoughts about it; how happy I'm with solitude and how important it is for me to have  'my own space or time'  on a daily basis. But as for loneliness, the very word itself is scary for me.

For some, adversity acts as a motivation to create, as for me my family, and their well being is what pushes me to do the things that I'm passionate about. But, yes I know that nothing is in my hands all that I can do is go on and be thankful with all that is gifted to me.

Technically, this page was a shift from acrylics to watercolors. I missed my watercolors and played with that a lot here.
I couldn't find Day 23 prompt in my mail. I must have accidentally deleted it:(

  Day 24 The prompt was about how wonderful it would be if we could surrender to earth/ nature's ways.
Again a page using acrylics and collage elements.

That is it from Root Project.

I'm also taking part in, another free project where weekly prompts are given. Last week's prompt was ''You make me Smile..."

Well! of course the first thing that came to my mind after reading this prompt was the faces of my children.So I thought a page that combined both mixed media and their pictures would be the best.

That is it for this week. The weather is kind of depressing. I don't want the days to fly by but sometimes wish for spring to come soon. 
Linking my page to PPF and Art Journal Everyday
Wishing all a creative week


  1. Truly lovely thoughtful thoughts and journal pages. I like them all. Life is a gift I hope to appreciate each new day.Truly lovely thoughtful thoughts and journal pages. I like them all. Life is a gift I hope to appreciate each new day.

  2. Hello Susan, YAY for new art again from you!! I love these, think the last one is my favorite. I will look at my day 23 and send you the prompt :)

    I am so thankful for the gifts I have also, especially when time is flying and we are busy. Taking the time to sit and just remember and being blessed is what makes me happy.
    Love that your boys are in this art piece, so cute they are!!
    Enjoy the last week of class, wish she could keep it going, you have done so well with it Susan!!

    The weather is getting too much for me also, trying not to rush spring but sure am tired of the snow and cold.
    Hope your weekend is good! HUGS!

  3. What wonderful thoughts to capture on your journal pages. I agree with the solitude , like you I need it to create. "You make me smile', I agree totally, as I have just had three grandchildren staying with me for a week and I don't think that I stopped smiling all week.

  4. Your journalpages look great. Love that page with your children :-)

  5. These are all lovely. Time doesn't care what we are doing. It just keeps on flying by.

  6. Susan, I sure did enjoy seeing your projects of this week. I especially love the You Make Me Smile with the child's face. I have to say that you are really tops at backgrounds. Each one is a beautiful work of art, even before anything was added. Great post.

  7. oh what beautiful thoughts and pages Susan! Your backgrounds are so full of life! I love the one with your children's photos-very special. I know how you feel about not necessarily wanting time to fly but yet longing for warmer weather and yes, Spring!


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