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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Roots- Day 3, 4, 5

Hello there  Hope you are all keeping yourself warm and safe in this weather. Here it is so cold and in an hour I will be going out to pick my son from school, Uggghhh!!
Last week we made a trip to Ikea and I clicked the picture of this lovely cup. Love the stag silhouette on it.

As for art, I am loving Lisa Sonora's free creative project Root-30. These are the pages that I did for Day-3, 4 and 5. If you want to take a look at Day 1 and 2 it is over here.
 Day-3 the prompt was about cultivating our roots. I did a collage for it and on the tree roots I wrote the five things that I needed to cultivate: Commitment, Consistency, Confidence, Compassion and Assertiveness. All these link to my 2014 word- Growth. The face was a happy accident on this page. I tried to do her and messed up the sketch and then I got the idea of combining the collage elements with the face. I know this one has already become a favorite page of mine.
 Day-4 was all about practicing art. This year I want to practice more faces and mixed media techniques and of course learn and do more acrylic and water color paintings. This was what I elaborated on at the back of this page. I have written a lot on each prompt on the back side of each page.

Day-5 She had given one of my favorite quotes by Buddha regarding the goals that we have in our lives.. Again I did a collage piece, love the element of book and the key in it. I also added a watercolor of the cardinal that I had done a while ago and some washi tape.

I am yet to do a page based on yesterday's prompt. But I'm so happy with all that I have done so far. I have been able to maintain balance with my art, family and chores till now and hope I will continue to do so.
I'm linking my page to Elizabeth and Bluebeard' s first T stands for Tuesday of this year
Thank you for being here
Please stay warm


  1. Happy T Day! Your stag cup is cool. I've been seeing so much deer imagery lately; deer are "in," LOL. I can see why--they are such pretty, graceful animals.

    Regarding my cup--a friend brought it back for me after he had visited Universal Studios in Florida. This was back in the 1990's, so who knows whether Universal still sells personalized cups. It's my favorite cup--colorful, fun, and just the right size.

    Your pages are great! I especially like the collage for Day 3. It's very well balanced, and it has so many interesting things to look at.

    Take care and stay warm!

  2. I'm in LOVE with your collages, and of course, I always love your drawings. The are so special because they are so unique. I really like the tree, and agree that if you tend the roots, everything else will take care of itself. Of course, I adore that cardinal.

    Thank you for sharing the dear deer mug today, as well as all of your wonderful collages. And thanks for getting out from under the covers to post this for T. Please stay warm, as hopefully by now you are safely home with your son.

  3. today was 48 degrees in FL and we are all freezing :P hehehe

  4. Susan, these are more amazing then I can say!! WOW, these are coming from your heart and soul and I can see the change it's had in you. OMG, seriously looooove these and am so VERY HAPPY FOR YOU DEAR FRIEND!!! This class is just what you wanted and it's only the first week. So exciting.

    I love each one, that first one is amazing and so clever with the collage face like that, soooo awesome! It's my favorite too. That last one though man it speaks to me also, the way you have it flowing on there is so great. I love the key too!!

    Your girl is so sweet, I love placement of the butterfly and the dress is gorgeous. You are so good with faces. Her wings are pretty!

    You know I love the tree, don't even have to tell you how much my friend. Beautiful!!

    So happy for you my dear friend!!
    Thank you for the visit to my blog too!! Going to email you about it tonight or tomorrow.
    Stay warm and safe!! HUGS!

  5. Your tree is wonderful and i love the little bird on the last one

  6. Oh! Oh! Oh! I am SO inspired by your journal pages and all of the cool mixed media items you added that go together like they were just always meant to be! I feel inspired now to go make some art right away!

  7. great accomplishments so far. Love the 'angel' I need to do more of those myself . Congratulations on your 'growth' may the remainder of the year be as successful. Happy PPF


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