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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

29 Faces Day-9,10 and 11

Hello to Elizabeth and everyone at T stands for Tuesday. I can't believe it is almost mid-February!
Thank you so much for your feedback on my first tutorial that I posted here last week. Elizabeth, I've decided not to buy a heat gun any time soon, Thank you for sharing your experiences with it.

This month I had planned to share one tutorial each week, but I guess for this week I will have to wait to post one till Friday or Saturday. So today it is just faces that I'm learning to sketch  and a Tea pot and teacup picture that I found in an old book. Here they are:

Isn't this sketch awesome? I'm so inspired to sketch them on to my sketchbook. Hopefully, if I do, I'll share it here with you.
Now for the faces. Last month I took a great class on drawing realistic Faces by Mika Diaz. I've still not completed it, just slowly practicing each tutorial that she has in the class.
Again only the second one is a completed sketch. I won't be doing anything more on it. But the first and the third need more work on them. But I'm happy with where I've reached with faces.
I remember once how afraid I was even to try to draw a face. Last year, I decided to be brave and started taking a few online classes on drawing faces and now I realize that I'm not scared anymore, all that I need to do is Practice, Practice and more Practice.
Thank you for checking
Wishing you all a great week


  1. You draw so well. I can't draw or sketch. First, my hands don't create what my eyes see, and even simple shapes aren't done properly. That's why I leave the "real" art to artists like you. Your faces are beautiful.

    Of course, I look forward to seeing you sketch the teapot and cup, but just sharing it today made me incredibly happy. Hope you are staying warm and cozy as we share our T(ea) experiences.

  2. Your faces are really improving....lovely! excellent shading...

  3. you're doing a great job with faces! i always had trouble making faces look like they were even faces, much less making them resemble any _particular_ face

  4. Yes, that is a lovely sketch of the teapot and cups and spoons!
    I am quite scared of drawing faces--well, whole people or critters, too. You are doing great!
    Happy T-Day!! :)

  5. Great sketches and your faces are so cool. Annette x

  6. No matter how much I practice, making realistic proportional faces has always eluded me! The sketch of the tea pot & cups is lovely!

  7. I always have trouble with the eyes in particular with faces. I end up with a " deer in the headlights" sort of look. Your sketching is very nice!!

  8. You are getting along wonderfully with the faces. As you say, practice. the more you do the better you get.

  9. I do like the teapot and cups sketch and look forward to seeing how you do it in your own way. Faces are hard to get just right aren't they? I like sketching them though.


  10. So nice to see your art, Susan.
    You are doing great on the faces.

    Thanks for the visit and kind words


  11. Hello Susan, sorry I'm here late. Happy you did a T time post again, happy that I finally could do one too.

    These faces are awesome, so nicely detailed and sketched. I love them!! Looking forward to seeing the rest of them thru the month.
    That teacup/pot sketch is sweet, you should draw them for sure and share it with us.

    Hope your week has been good. Mine is and the kids have had school ALL WEEK!!! SO HAPPY!!! The temps are finally up a little too, so things are good!
    Take care and see you again soon, thanks also for the visits to my blog. So happy I could finally share with you and especially my hearts. Might try to do a PL or something kind of post tomorrow too. Stay warm and happy creating to you! HUGS!


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