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Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Faces...

The last couple days were not the best ones for me creatively. Still I am happy that I continued to do art even though I was/ (still am) in the mood to just laze around. I of course did more faces.
This one is incomplete but I love how she has turned out. It is one of the faces taught by Jane Davenport. Once I add color to her I will post it here again.

Ha! My son said she looks weird but I find her interesting. All that I've used are blue acrylics for the background and India ink that is blotted on her head. I outlined her with blue and black water color pencils.

Day:6 I did her with water colors on a book page. Then glued her to my daily writing journal.

  Day: 7 This little boy is my favorite from this week. I got inspired to do his sketch as he reminded me so much of my younger son. I got the image from one of my son's story book.

Day:8 I did an abstract page for journal 52 project. Loved the process so much that I ended up making another one and glued the girl on it.
The above page was done for challenge. The prompt was to create an abstract art in our art journal. I did an abstract background and added a silhouette to it.

Linking my faces to 29faces , PPF and Art Journal Everyday


  1. They are all great but I adore the little sweet!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I must reiterate Giggles' comment. Adore the little boy!
    The Jayne Davenport gal is very pretty, I'm sure she will turn out to be quiet lovely.

    Annabelle : )

  3. So many different styles, I like that, my favorite is that blue faced of day five.

  4. They are all fab, but do adore the little boy. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. great faces, is nice to see so many different styles too.

  6. these are all fantastic projects Susan. I love your pencil sketch at the top just as she is. The second one has such a lovely ethnic appeal. your boy is sweet, and I love those great backgrounds on the last two!

  7. How wonderful! I especially love days 4 and 6! You do lips so beautifully.

  8. Hi Susan, WOW, these are amazing for you not being up to art this week. I love them all, if I had to pick the second one is my favorite, BLUE!!!!! The first one is wonderful, love her just like this without even color. The little boy one is so SWEET and looks like it is from a book, WOW!! Such a gift you have for faces and people Susan. Really love these!!
    The last two are fun, my favorite color combo too, red, white and blue!!! The other one is so fun and awesome too!!
    Great job this week Susan, I love seeing what you will make each week!! I think we wanting SPRING to come! HUGS!

  9. I loved looking at all of your great art but that little boy sketch is adorable!

  10. Lots of different styles here. I really love your blue girl, loose, random and gorgeous.

  11. All different and all wonderful! My favorite is the 2nd one, the one your son calls "weird"... ;-) Love her hairdo!

  12. oooohhhhh I really like all of these but my fave is the second one. That hair is so classy. Great job.

  13. These are all so great, and different. I have never heard of Jane Davenport. I will google to see what I can find :)


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