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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Faces 16, 17

Sorry Elizabeth for being so late to visit T stands for Tuesday. I'm down with the flu but still did not want to miss posting here.
I've some doodled tea cups drawn on my daily writing journal. I thought of sharing these cups here and also in this terrible weather I always crave to have more and more cups of coffee/tea.
I also wanted to share my 16th and 17th Faces from the 29Faces challenge.

Both the faces have been done on painted and stencilled backgrounds. On the second one I also had space for some journaling.
Heard that the temperatures are going to be in the 30's/40's. Yayy! Hope it is going to last.
Thank you for checking


  1. Hello Susan, I am so glad you linked up and shared your beautiful art with us. Those teacups are so very cute!! I LOVE YOUR FACES/GIRLS!!! The first one looks great with that background, which is gorgeous. I love her little flower in the hair too. The second one reminds me of one of Christy's girls and I LOVE HER!! Such a sweet face and cute hair. I like the dress and leaves too. Great job on them Susan, especially when being sick I know it's hard to get art done. Feel better soon and can't wait to see your next girl's!!!

  2. i love the backgrounds on your faces!! so cool.

    take care of yourself. i was lucky this year and didn't get the flu (fingers crossed I don't get it!!)

  3. so charming...lovely faces and backgrounds!

  4. Well my dear, you are not nearly as late visiting as your host. It's been a very busy two days, but still, I apologize.

    You have captured some beautiful backgrounds and your colors are stunning. I'm drawn to bright colors, so both of these faces truly POPPED off the page because of them. You have made it look easy, although I know it isn't.

    Your cups are so sweet. I love how you draw, and the cups are examples of what I enjoy about it. Thanks for sharing your lovely art with us and thanks for putting up with me being late this week.


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