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Friday, February 21, 2014

Faces 18-21

Wow! 8 more days to go and this month's 29 Faces challenge gets over. We are almost going to the third month of this year!
This week has not been good health wise. Here we have all been down with the flu and now are slowly recovering from it. Still I managed to do some pretty backgrounds and also added my faces to them.

Face :18 and 19

 I did these faces on my daily journal.
The Week-8 challenge at Documented Life Project was to add an extra flap to the existing one. I added an Index Card and decorated it with some washi tape and a butterfly collage. On the existing flap I did one of my girls. I also added some balloons and stamping on it.

On the left end side I added one more flap, adhered it on the top with washi tape, filled the page with doodles and also added a butterfly and a face.It is one of the faces that I didn't like much but I didn't want to throw it away so here it is, all glued to my journal. Underneath the doodled flap I have lots of space to do my daily writing.
  This is the other side of the ICAD all decorated with strips of washi tapes.
You fold it once more and then the journal is back to its original size.

 A face on an already finished background page.

Another one of my favorite backgrounds to which I added a girl in water color.
This is how the whole page looks like.
I'm sharing these pages with Paint Party FridayArt Journal Everyday and of course 29 Faces
Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement here.
Wishing you all a happy weekend


  1. Beautiful work this week and glorious colours! Valerie

  2. Hi Susan, so glad I saw this just as you had posted it. YAY for more faces, these look great. WOW, that flap is so cool, how fun to have extra space for writing now. I love all the girls and different styles to each one. It's good you could keep up even when being sick, hope everyone is feeling better now.

    I am busy with my ATC today, will post when they are all done. Just registered for Christy's class and the March's 30 Days of lists. Not sure where I will do my lists at yet, have a couple ideas. Will post those weekly I think on my blog.

    The snow is finally melting but it's way to wet and windy to enjoy it yet. Hoping we can have some spring like temps next week. Have a good weekend and rest and paint more faces! HUGS!

  3. Beautiful faces and loving the fab backgrounds. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Love your faces, especially #20.

  5. beautiful faces Susan. Sorry you all have been ill. I sure hope everyone's in top form real soon again. Wonderful backgrounds to add your faces to!!

  6. Loving your faces, fab art journal pages.

  7. A great assortment of lovely faces!

  8. Wonderful faces! I hope all return to perfect health in a hurry! Happy PPF!

  9. I love your charming portraits and fun use of colors. Blessings!

  10. lovely usage of colors...liked it

  11. Lovely work at your art-journal!

    Smiles from Belgium, Saskia :)

  12. Beautiful faces and lovely colours :)

  13. Lovely pages, Pink always wins my heart!

  14. So glad you are feeling better and back to the page. Great work !

  15. Wonderful work all of it! Love those journalpages, the bright colours and the faces glued to it. Face 20 is lovely too!

  16. Lovely art journal pages - I especially love the day 20 lady with all that pattern in her face.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. The flue has been going around. Its been horrible. I hope that you are now well. Beautiful work! I really love all the lovely creations!

  19. Day 20 is my favourite. Very nice work.

    Annabelle : )


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