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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

T stands for Tea cup Collage

It is yet another Tuesday and I'm enjoying today's weather so much. After about 3 months we have a temperature of almost 60F today.
Thank you so much for all your interests and kind words on my tutorial with Gelatos. I forgot to mention one more thing, Gelatos are pricey but you can also use Faber Castell Gel Sticks. I think they are aimed for kids but people who have used them say there is not much difference between the two.

Do you remember this picture from a recipe book? I finally did my version and here it is:
Now I'm so obsessed with collage. Using the above sketch as an inspiration I created a collage.
This is my take for Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday

Some of the other creative things that I'm busy with are:
The 30 Days of Lists in March:
Here are three pages from it,

Of course my favorite layout is the last one that I did on the black background.

My first attempt of doing a face with pastels. I did her and glued her on my daily journal.

  Another face sketch. It is still not completed. I hope to finish her in the coming days and will share her here on Friday.
Hope you all have a great week.
Thank you for checking


  1. You are very prolific with your art! I too love the layout on the black background. :)
    Happy Tuesday

  2. Your tea collage is wonderful and your faces are super too!
    Happy T Day to you

  3. I love the tea collage, and your faces are fantastic.
    Happy T-day

  4. fantastic tea collage Susan! I love the oomph the colorful papers have given to an ordinary monochromatic sketch. Wonderful faces too- you really are enjoying creating them I see:) We may get to 60 today too and I'm off to enjoy the outdoors a bit before it all changes(it's supposed to) dramatically tomorrow. What a tease this weather can be...

  5. Great art! My favorite is the tea time collage. Happy T Day!

  6. Collages always make me smile, and your teacups and pot are no exception. It's always fun to use up scraps and/or images that don't belong together and turn them into a coordinated, cohesive piece of art. This is true art in my opinion. I adore it.

    Of course, I like your faces, too, especially since I can't draw a single thing. You make those faces come to life.

    What a great T(ea) post this week. So many lovely things to appreciate and admire. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Your art is wonderful, love the pages :) and especially the tea collage!
    Have great day :)

  8. Cute collage! And you are so brave to do faces! Nice job! You seem very busy.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  9. Happy T-Day!
    Love your collage version. Really liked the color and the look of patch work.
    Great job on the faces as well.

  10. I am loving your collage. It kinda looks fabricy. I envy you for being able to draw faces.
    Happy T Day.

  11. Susan, the teapot and cups are WONDERFUL and so pretty!!! I LOVE THEM!! What fun to do a collage with them, hope you will do more. Maybe one in BLUE (hint, hint) !!
    Glad to see your lists too today, they are so fun. Some days I really like the prompt too, excited to do the rest of the month.
    Your faces are so good, love when you share them, keep sharing them and making them please!!

    We had warm weather again, YIPPEEE but the wind is starting and it's cooler. I'm hoping the snowstorm coming this way will miss us or go another way. It's been so nice to be warm again, sigh.

    Thank you for the blog visit, glad I could share so much with you, thought you'd like those art ones with Sienna. Your boys would love that too.

    My back has gotten worse, so no more sitting for long periods and in these hard back chairs I sit in. Also took out the heating pad and used it, felt great and really helped.

    Happy Birthday wishes for your son tomorrow, HAVE FUN WITH HIM!!
    Take care and Happy T Day!

  12. A lovely interpretation of the teapot and cups--love that you used collage! very nice faces too...and the collage on black is very striking...happy T day!

  13. I love the teapot collage! As for the gelatos, crayola also make one, called slicks, which are similar as well.

  14. :) cool susan ... really liked ur t concept ..keep going my friend

  15. Great faces and I love the tea cups. :)

  16. I love the tea cup collage Susan.


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