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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

T stands for Art Time

Hello to Elizabeth and my other friends at T stands for Tuesday. It has been two weeks since I've posted here. Life got so busy that I never got time to sit and update my blog. But was I doing art? Oh yes I was, as being creative is now an essential part of my everyday life.
Today I don't have any tea to share but I wanted to share another favorite art that I did, collage. Last week the Document Life Project Challenge was to cut and paste something from a magazine on your journal.
This was one of my pages for the challenge:

I did the background with gelatos and stamps and then adhered the Pear and that beautiful drink on my pages.

   This week their challenge was to make someone else draw on your journal and then we should complete the page. My seven year old son drew one of his favorite subjects, cars and I did the background. Another one of my favorite pages from my daily journal.

   This is another background page that I did on my journal with gelatos, stamps and modeling paste.

Last week I shared a collage/painting that was unfinished. I'm taking an awesome class by Misty Mawn named, Face to Face and here, this is the finished piece from her class..
Hope you all are having a wonderful week.
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  1. You have been so prolific lately Susan! No wonder you haven't had time for blogging:). Your projects are all just fab-I love the one you and your son collaborated on-I see he's VERY good at drawing! Your background page with the molding paste is wonderful-beautiful colors. I'd hate to cover it up at all. And your portrait is so very serene and spiritual looking. I love how you used the color and yet kept her face just penciled. Happy T day busy lady!

  2. Great journal pages, and your son did a fantastic job on the car!
    The page with the modeling paste looks like!
    Happy T-day

  3. Hi! I see you have been quite prolific again. Good for you! It's wonderful to live a life filled with creativity, isn't it? :)

  4. Your son has some talent, too! What fun to do a project together. :)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  5. Love your Misty Mawn face project, and your DLP pages...I still haven't done this week's yet. tryin' to figure out who to draft into drawing on my page...

  6. Hello Susan, YAY YOUR POSTING!! I have missed you and your beautiful art. I can see you were busy even when absent, that's good to hear. These are all great, love them and seeing YOU in them!! That one with your son's car is my favorite just for that reason, love that he can be a part of your art. Should do this more and I bet he loved it too. Glad your enjoying this new class of yours and can't wait to see more faces from it.
    Hope this week is a good one and filled with more art for you. HUGS!!

  7. Lovely artwork you've shared with us...
    Life certainly can get busy!
    Isn't Misty Mawn a fabulous and most generous teacher and artist!!!
    Your icon is very beautiful!

  8. Happy (day late) T-Day!
    No wonder you don't have time to blog. You have been busy.
    Your son did a great job with that car. The artistic genes must have been passed on.

  9. I got home not long ago, and couldn't wait to stop by to see what you had created this week. I admit. I was blown away when you said your son drew that car. That is incredible.

    Glad to read you have been so busy. Taking classes can be very time consuming, that's for sure. And the homework can be grueling, too, even if it is fun to make those lovely faces. Thanks for sharing all that art for T this week.

  10. Wow! What wonderful artworks! I am having trouble selecting just a few to say how much I love them... You do such intriguing and beautiful art.


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