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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

T stands for Tutorial number two

Hello dear Elizabeth and all my friends at T stands for Tuesday.

I joined for 30 Days List in March and here are the finished pages from Day1-3

Week-10 Challenge at DLP was to make a list of things that describes you. I glued scraps of paper, painted them with water color and journaled about myself.I felt so good after doing this exercise. I think we must do a self- assessment once in a while to see where we stand in our life's journey  
The pencil sketches on the right is the list that I'm creating about my favorite art tools. I was doing it today morning. My favorites will be any kind of paper, paints(preferably bright colors) and brushes, black pen, glue and gesso. 
What are your favorite art supplies? I would love to know.

And Yes!Today I also wanted to share my second tutorial
A page done using a current favorite medium of mine, Gelatos.

  I got the above pack of Gelatos as a Christmas gift.

 For this tutorial I used the above Gelato colors (sorry, I missed yellow in the picture), Gesso, permanent stamper's ink, Heidi Swapp's chevron stencil, 2 stamps(the dragon fly is a handmade one made out of foam), willow charcoal and the color chestnut from Twinkling H2O'S

 Step:1 Cover the page with gesso. I added a liberal amount of it on the bottom half, and scraped it with the  edge of a spatula to give it more texture.

 Step:2 Once it got dry, I scribbled the page with different colors of Gelatos . From the top I used blue, red, orange, yellow,green and metallic green.

 Step:3 With a wet brush, I then spread the paint around.

Step:4  After it got dry, I applied gesso over the chevron stencil.

Step:5 Once the gesso got dry, with the gelatos I drew some circles as flowers , and also added  the stem and leaves. Next I spread the paint with a wet brush. Again with the chevron stencil I used permanent ink stamp and stenciled all over the page.

Step:6 Next I stamped the dragonfly on watercolor paper, colored it with Twinkling H20 (chestnut) and cut it and adhered it to the page. I used the heart stamp on a watercolor paper , added a quote, cut it and pasted it on the page.

Step:7 Finally I outlined the flowers and the edges of the page with a charcoal pencil.

Extra Notes:
* If you don't have Gelatos you can create a similar background using neo colors or watercolor pencils or just water color paints.
* Instead of charcoal you can also use a black water color pencil or crayon and with a wet brush create a smudge effect.

Hope you enjoyed the step by step process of creating this journal page. If you would like to try creating this page or something similar to this, please leave the link on my comment section I would like to come visit you.
Thank you for checking


  1. Lovely! Haven't seen gelatos. I bought watercolor pencils but haven't used them yet. It was my intention to art journal every day but that fell to the wayside about a week into the new year. :/ Best wishes, Tammy

  2. I love your tutorial, even if I've never seen Gelatos. This is a beautiful spread and I was thrilled that you provided alternatives to the products I don't own. Love that stencil, too. You got a very nice gift for Christmas, that's for sure.

    Thanks for sharing all those journal pages and your tutorial with us for T today. My favorite craft supply varies according to what I'm using at the time (grin).

  3. What wonderful pages Susan! I love the listing idea-did look at the link you gave earlier but honestly I have more than enough on my plate right now. I've never worked with gelatos but seeing how you've used them reminds me of the Caran D'Ache water soluble crayons. You're doing such a great job keeping up with your projects. Happy T day to you!

  4. I haven't tried Gelato's but your tutorial makes the process look interesting. I do more sketching than painting so my favorite tools are good sharp pencils and a variety of pens.


  5. Hi Susan, so happy your here again this week!! WOW, you have a post full of goodies for us today, YIPPEEE!! I LOVE the tutorial, the page came out so beautiful. What a nice gift you got for Christmas, I'm sure you enjoy playing with them.
    Great that you are doing lists too, YAY! Mine are caught up and will be shared next week on T TIme. The journal pages are colorful and happy, love seeing your journals.
    Hope all is going well and you are staying warm enough. HUGS and happy T Day!!

  6. Beautiful journal page! Very nice tutorial, and I appreciated the info for substitutions at the end. Watercolor pencils, I have, and I will be trying this for sure! Happy T Day!

  7. Thanks for the T Day tutorial. I really liked it. Your blog is full of inspirational ideas today!

  8. What a great tutorial. I love to see how people work in their journals. I have one but not done much in there yet as I don't have the confidence. I am easier with photos and paper!
    Thanks for calling by.

  9. Happy T-Day!
    Great tutorial. I have never used gesso or gelatos so I really enjoyed reading the process. The chevron really added depth and texture.

  10. Your list pages are super...sounds like a fun ongoing project!
    I bought my first set of gelatos the other day and they are fun...
    nice of you to share your tutorial...they do go well with gesso!
    Happy T Day to you

  11. Thanks for the earlier visit (am I always saying that???? next week I'll do better)
    Gelatos are one of my "go-to" mediums too. Your page turned out fantastic, love the texture you added before beginning. Great tutorial!
    Happy T-day

  12. A terrific tutorial, and love your DLP page! seems that I make all kinds of lists, but rarely about myself...happy T day a bit late!

  13. Gorgeous work!! So colorful and fun. I have yet to purchase gelatos but they are definitely creeping higher on my want list.
    Sorry I'm late but I did manage a post...a day late and all. :)

  14. My favorites lately have been any kind of paints, inks, and stencils. I always enjoy seeing step-by-step pictorials and I just LOVE the dragonfly stamp you made! Happy very belated T-Day! :)


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