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Friday, February 28, 2014

29 Faces Day 25,- 29

Good bye February but when can we say good bye to snow?  Anyways I'm now tired off whining about the weather so Ms. Winter you just stay as long as you wish, I have other better things to think about!

I have completed the 29 Faces Challenge! (I guess only 28 for this month but I created one more)So happy that I was able to finish it.This year I have enjoyed the process so much as I remembered not to stress about completing the challenge.

Here are my last five days faces. I did tomorrow's too as weekend is going to be a busy time for us.
Day: 25, 26
Two different faces: Loved the sweet faces of these camels which I saw in my son's story book. I gave them a try with watercolors.
A face using acrylic paints and gesso.
It is amazing to see what white can do to a painting. I was not happy with her but once I added white around her, the feel of the painting itself changed.
  She is my last girl. The background is heavy with lots of texture. Can you see the little white flowers at the bottom.They are real ones-:) And Yes, of course I finished my faces with the desire to see Spring soon.

I also made a collage of all my 29 faces. Here it is:
Thank you Ayala Art for hosting this wonderful challenge. I not only had the pleasure to create these many faces but also loved seeing so many different  faces created by other lovely artists.

Thank you everyone for your lovely words of encouragement. See you in March with a new challenge named,
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  1. really enjoyed seeing your 29 faces (I have 2 more to do) anyways LOL at the camels - cute!!!

    and I like how you have incorporated some in your DLP ^5

  2. Love the camels and the girl waiting for spring....good job finishing up!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Love your camels, all fab work. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Wonderful work Ariel. Love your camels.:)

  5. I love all your portrait explorations for the month of February. It looks like you had a blast working on them. Blessings!

  6. Congratulations for finishing the challenge and doing it in style. I felt like my last few were not up to par, but I was determined to do them all. The camels are so cute and I love the addition of the white. Yes, it does do something spectacular to the painting.

  7. You have made somererrific faces...wip!!! The. Camels are just brilliant . I love the colour and vibrancy in your work .

  8. I've loved seeing all your faces for this challenge-congrats to you Susan!!! I adore the sweet faces of your camels. The addition of the white on your Day 28 portrait really does make for a wonderful contrast and really lightens the page. And Spring- love the bright fuschia color and flowery skirt- I'm right with you ...just waiting...

  9. Those camels are so sweet - love your faces and real flowers!!! You have gone above and beyond

  10. Those llamas are so cute! Congrats on all the faces completed!

  11. Sorry I haven't found you before on 29 Faces, and I am impressed with your beautiful collage of your 29 Faces. I love your camels particularly, and it's great to see so many different approaches.

  12. Congratulations on the challenge. I really love the camels , especially the one in white. And those flowers with the girl, how do you keep them from falling apart? All very lovely art pieces. Thanks for sharing.

    Annabelle : )

  13. What a great collection of faces. Such imagination. Congrats upon completion of this challenge. It's been fun!

  14. Oh, those camels really are the sweetest .... Congrats on finishing this challenge, you did great!

  15. Well done on all of your faces. Each one has it's own charm.

  16. I am waiting for spring, too!! I love the expressive faces - and your camels are my favorite! Happy PPF!

  17. I am still finding great art from the 29 Faces Challenge. I regret I did not see yours sooner but very glad I happened upon your paintings. Great works.


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