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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome April

Happy April and Happy Spring to everyone.
Today I wanted to share at Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday this:

I'm sorry I don't have Tea on my table but a glass of Almond Milk. We love to have it often. I try to get the unsweetened one for me but the kids love the Vanilla flavor.
Beside it is a doodle in progress. Last week I found a $3/- watercolor pad in Target. Though intended for kids I found them to be very good. There are 20 cold press 140 lb sheets in it.

 I also wanted to share this canvas piece that I did. Last week I watched a video by Donna Downey and got so inspired to create her painting. This is what she did. The background is made up of adding layers of paint and then she did a lovely white lotus. I loved the piece so much that I created the same piece.    
 In the video Donna has used many new art supplies and a Lotus Stencil. I don't have most of the things that she used but I recreated it with whatever supplies that I had and drew the Lotus free hand.

 Now I have to find a place in my home to hang this piece.
Well that is all for this Tuesday.
Thank you for being here


  1. Loving your doodle and also your fab lotus painting Ariel. Annette x

  2. I enjoy almond milk as well...esp in my Earl Grey tea. Lovely doodles. I've seen that video as well and felt inspired too...although I didn't act on it. Good for you!

  3. I've never tried almond milk but just the sound of it is yummy! Lovely lotus painting!

  4. Sorry I hit the publish button before I was ready! I meant to say how awesome your doodle is! Do you plan to color it?

  5. Pretty doodle and the canvas is beautiful lots of pretty colours there !
    Vic x

  6. I've been wanting to try almond milk for the longest time, and now it's going on my list. I've never seen the video, but I'm still impressed that you not only recreated what you saw, but did it using the tools and such you owned. It goes to show you don't have to go into debt to recreate something, especially if you are as good an artist as you are. You even made it look easy, too, although I'm sure it wasn't. Very impressive piece.

    Thanks for sharing your lotus painting and almond milk for tea today, dear Susan.

  7. Of all the health conscious things I eat and have I've never tried almond milk in place of my FF milk. Must change that:) What a great bargain for the watercolor paper tablet! And I absolutely love your white lotus painting-especially that you were inspired so but used what tools you had on hand-way to go!

  8. Hello Susan, so glad you joined us again this week. WOW, that lotus canvas is GORGESOUS!! I love that you did it with what you had and especially that you will hang it up, YAY!! Great job!! I haven't been to Donna's blog in a long time, should go over and peek when I can.
    The doodles are so cute and perfect for a spring day like the one we are having today. For the last two days it's been warm and we have been outside. Susan, it is making me SO HAPPY just to be out there. Seems like I've waited so long and it's making me excited and very ready for spring to really come and stay this time.
    I haven't had almond milk but my oldest daughter likes it, I'm sure I would to if I remember to buy it.
    Hope your enjoying the warm weather too my friend. Thanks for the visit to my blog and YES it would be so awesome to have you over for lunch and tea and crafting. maybe one day !! Take care! HGUS!

  9. Happy T-Day!
    Love your doodle! You don't need a stencil. Your lotus looked great! Your painting is going to look great on the wall!
    I've heard that almond milk is really much better for you but I have not tried it. Maybe I will put it on the shopping list and give it a try.

  10. I love your canvas. I watched that video too and I miss inspiration Wednesdays a lot. The doodle is spectacular. I think you should do it on a canvas!

  11. A lovely will brighten up your home! beautiful textures and colors...and have fun with that watercolor paper!

  12. I love your doodle..... and your canvas its really stunning. I love the contrast of the lotus and the dark background.

    Thank you for visiting btw :)

    Karen x

  13. Love the drawing and your canvas is Great! love Donna's stuff.

  14. Thanks for pointing us to Target for the watercolor paper! I've been wanting some for so LONG now, and just keep putting it off because it's expensive. I'm also very much an amateur, and find no reason to be playing and learning on the best paper money can buy just yet... So I'll definitely be picking up a pad or two! ~tina

  15. Beautiful ink flowers, the lines are wonderful. I also love your lotus flower painting, it is lovely!

  16. Susan,
    First, thanks for the lovely visit and kind words.
    You are such a dear.

    I too love almond milk :)

    Always a joy to visit you and see your art.
    Your painting is lovely, now hang it and enjoy it.

    Have a wonderful weekend.



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