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Friday, March 28, 2014

I love to work with...

Happy Friday to all
The first quarter of 2014 is coming to an end!
This year I'm trying to find what exactly I love to do in art. For the last two years I have been trying my hand at everything: journaling, sketching, watercolors, portraits, collage, scrap booking, ... At one point I realized that I had to stop this madness and find out what I really wanted.

Have you ever asked that question to yourself? I have and I still do and each time I'm surprised to find that I need to focus and really think to get the answer for that. In my experience it is always easy for us to understand what others are good at, or even what they lack but when it comes to know what or where we are in life, we are at a loss, at least for me I still find it difficult to pinpoint and say what exactly I need to focus on especially in my artistic life.

Anyways, I have found out that these are some of the themes that I love to work with in art:

1. Art Journaling.
This year I realized that I enjoy doing Art Journaling the most. In January, for one full month I did one  page each and it never felt tiring. I find it all the more challenging when there is a prompt and new medium to experiment with.

2. Collage. I love, love doing collage pieces. There is always a curiosity and excitement to see what you have come up with in the end.
3. Faces/ Portraits
I have always been intimidated by them."It is only when you take your first step at something that you will know if you can do it or not." This is my own experience  For years I believed that I could never draw faces and never even tried to draw them. Last year I took the plunge and started drawing them and since then I have been enjoying doing different kinds of faces.

4. Watercolors
I love painting but sometimes for months I don't take my watercolors out and at other times I just love playing with them. Even simple doodles like the above one make me happy.

What do you enjoy the most when it comes to art and Why?  I would love to know.
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Thank you for being here


  1. Lots of wonderful work again! Valerie

  2. Terrific variety of sure you will just go with the flow at that moment in time. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. great post Susan! Beautiful art samples of what you truly enjoy too. I'm finding that although I am enjoying the challenge of sketching and drawing and learning new things I feel my heart will always belong to card making and mixed media with a vintage feel and/or LOTS of COLOR!

  4. Susan, I sure enjoyed hearing of your different ventures into art and how they affected you. Your work is always so bright and beautiful. I consider myself a dabbler, not an artist of any one field. When I hear of some new technique, if I have the equipment, I will try it out. But soon I move to something new. At 79 I am wanting to try as many things as I can while I am able. Watercolors and colored pencils attract me now because they are more portable than oils or pastels or even acrylics. But I would love to learn some techniques for using acrylics.

  5. I can totally relate to your situation. I have been going through the same thing. I keep feeling like there is that ONE thing I could be good at (in art) and I'm just not sure. Like you, I do many different types of art and hop around from one to another. Lucky for me I don't have much money or I think I would have dumped a lot into the newest and greatest playing stuff! Maybe we are meant to be doing just what we are doing? Maybe we are in a group of creatives that are just that, creative! After trying to figure it out in the last 4 years, I give. I'm just going to do what I want to do and go with it, I hope (gulp!). BTW your journal pages are amazing as in everything you painted! Happy PPF. I tried to follow your blog and Google is not liking me today. I will have to come back soon. It's nice to feel a connection to another artist!

  6. I think when you're an artist it's important to try different things and techniques. You'll keep the ones you like, the ones that suit you, and you'll leave the rest. Even though what you show here are all different techniques, it's still visible as YOUR art. You have found your style, and whatever material you use it shines through. I find that I go through phases. My sketch-phase, my watercolor-face, my doodle-phase etc ... They're all different parts of me, and I think the more different things you do, the easier it is to never become bored with your art. Love your pieces by the way :-)

  7. Hello Susan!!
    So happy to see you posted, LOVE THIS!!! I even read all the comments and agree with some of them. I too like to dabble in all forms of art, not really good at just one thing though and for me it is just to be creative and have fun. Of course then I worry mines not good enough so I should practice more but I'm happy just to be creating something.
    It's been such a joy these last few years watching you grow more into your art. Your faces are amazing and so good and so YOU!!! I agree about your collages, they are BEST, look at that awesome bird you did, YAY!!! I think art journaling is in your heart, it's your way of telling your story and that is so good dear friend. My way is mostly thru my pictures/PL but yours is this way and I LOVE IT!!
    I like the comment above about us just being in a group that is "creative" and think it's a perfect word for what we do. It's good to have many things we enjoy and not get bored with.
    I'm so glad we became friends and can share and encourage our love for art. Keep up the good work, it always makes me happy to see it!!

    I saw your comment on my blog, THANK YOU!! Those circles were so fun, I might even do another one and YES I wanted them to be spring like. Hope you watch Frozen soon, it's such a cute movie. I forgot to mention in my post, I'm going to the crop at our church today. Taking my PL to catch up on, YIPPEE!! The pages are done but the journaling is not, so this way I can finish it and then post them next week. I love doing my HELLO posts too, glad you will come back for it. I also want to start blogging more too, used to all the time and now I only do one a week. So look for that to happen now too.
    Happy weekend and to hoping warmer weather for us.
    Take care dear friend, love and hugs

  8. Susan I am feeling exactly the same as you Exactly!!! I feel I need to have more direction and figure exactly where I am heading and what I love... I love doing digital art best, then acrylics. I prefer cartoon style odd quirky characters... This post speaks to my heart....I love your collage bird soooo much and those flowers of it is terrific... This is such an inspiring post!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Hi Susan,
    Love the subject matter of this post! At first I thought much like you, I had to "stop the madness" , focus on one or two areas and practice almost to perfection their techniques but then I realized that although it might be a great rule for some it didn't apply to me, even to my husband's discontent. He didn't understand that a embroidery machine, a soldering iron , a melting pot, a wood burning tool, a dremel tool, a grinder, a camera, digital programs like Dreamweaver and Photoshop and large collections of Dead People's Stuff was really everything I liked to use in my art work and I could go on beyond that.
    But now I think he gets the idea and so do I . It's all the areas of art that fuel each other with inspiration in turn they give to me. I think I like it this way for now, only trouble with it is having the space for it all , now I need an art room : )
    Beautiful work on all of the art work Susan. I suppose you do what you love best, even if it's more than one thing.

    Annabelle : )

  10. What a great post! It's intriguing what draws us and what doesn't. Mainly I enjoy painting big eyed magical girls and flowers, lately I sometimes combine the two! Acrylics is my main medium, although I do enjoy sketching...

  11. amazing paintings,very beautiful,love it to much all.


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