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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Tuesday

My morning spearmint flavored green tea and watercolor sketch for Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday. I'm all inspired by Spring and am busy sketching birds and bees-:)

I'm currently taking Melody Ross's/ Brave Girl's Club's online class, The Walk. Melody speaks about the Campfire and the Carnival in the first lesson.

 The Campfire stands for all the good things and good people in our lives. We are surrounded by the people who have only good intentions and kind thoughts for us. They are the people who are there with us in both our good and not so good times of our journey.

The Carnival stands for the fake people and experiences that we have in our lives, where we think the world of illusion is the real one, where we are just trying to juggle with so many things, expecting success and happiness. But in the end we are only faced with disappointment.
Well, this is the gist of the first lesson and it does make one think about one's true goals and destinations in life.

I did my own art for both the themes. Melody had given a 'map' idea for us to use, instead I chose to use my watercolors and do the sketches of  both the themes. I then journaled on the pages about what they mean to me.

That is all for this week.Wishing you all a great Tuesday
Thank you for always encouraging me with your kind words


  1. Your bird page is very spring like. The class you are taking sounds interesting. Hopefully we will see more of pages related to that.

    Meanwhile, Happy T Tuesday

  2. Sweet bird! I like that you did all the journaling on your pages because it sounds appropriate for the lessons. Happy T-Day!! :)

  3. Fabulous bird with the berries...really Love that!
    It sounds like your lessons are inspiring ...
    hope you will continue to enjoy them
    Wishing you a very happy T day

  4. What a unique class this must be. I was surprised that the Carnival was about fakes, but I can see that as one interpretation. I think it all depends on what we bring to the table and our previous and present perceptions. I have a friend who went to Trinidad for six months to play in a steel drum band that played at Carnival. To me, Carnival means joy. again, perception and previous "baggage" are everything.

    Loved the bird. You paint SO well. thanks for sharing this lesson, your bird, and tea with us during T today.

  5. your little bird is just a beautiful illustration Susan. Great journal pages too-love the representations and how you made the pages truly yours. Happy T day!

  6. Your bird watercolor is beautiful--you are very talented! The class sounds interesting, and it must really give you a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing your awesome journal pages!

  7. You are really on a roll with your watercolors. All the pages you shared today are vibrant and great to look at. Happy T Day!

  8. Hello Susan, so happy you are sharing today. Sorry I'm a day late, busy day yesterday and will be again today. I LOVE LOVE all the art here, so happy your creating and enjoying the class too. I'm glad you liked my layouts again this week. I can't believe how time is flying by and I can't create them everyday like I had hoped. Even today I wanted to scrap but duty calls in other areas of LIFE right now.
    Hope the family is doing well and maybe your weather is a bit warmer then ours. Have a good week and will chat with you soon. HUGS!

  9. Your watercolors are really coming the bird! the lesson ideas from your class sound amazing-carnival & campfire-quite insightful, and so true! thanks for sharing...happy T day a bit late!


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