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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

T stands for Tea Museum

Happy Tuesday to everyone at Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday
Today I wanted to share with you all some of the photos that we had taken while we were at the tea museum/factory in India.
The tea plantation is located in the town of Munnar, in the southwestern state of Kerala, India.

We visited the Tea Museum/ Factory which is under the ownership of Kanan Devan Hills Plantation Company. The KDHP Co is the largest tea corporate in South India.

I found the above write up very informative.

They also showed us how the tea leaves are crushed and processed in different stages. But we couldn't stay at that part of the museum for a long time as the kids didn't show much interest in tea making-:(    

They had a sales outlet at the museum and we bought different flavored tea, especially green tea.   
Right now, I am having their spearmint flavored green tea. Not one of my favorites, still  I'm getting used to the smoky flavor it has. 

 As for art here are some pages from my daily art/writing journal
Thank you for visiting and Thank you Elizabeth for hosting this tea party every Tuesday. I'm all set to come and see what you all have been upto.



  1. Oh what a great post, Susan! A tea museum! And, in India, nonetheless. It's perfect and embodies all that Elizabeth's bloghopping tour is all about on T(ea) day. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is fantastic. I was taken by the "trees" that jut above the tea in the fields. At first I wondered if they were markers of some kind, since I can imagine how lost one might get if they didn't know their way around the tea fields.

    I always knew that black tea wasn't as healthy for you, and I knew that white tea was the healthiest, but reading the processes made it even more special. This was superb, and I learned there was a fourth tea: orthodox.

    Your art is stunning as usual. I especially love the texture of the heart and the flowers on the pages. Really colorful and fun art this week.

    Thanks for taking us on this trip to the Tea Museum, making this a truly fun and unique T today.

  3. what a lovely scene of the tea plantation. How cool that you got a tour of the factory/museum there AND got to bring home some teas too! I love spearmint soI think I'd really like that tea. You know how much I love your beautifully painted journal pages! Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  4. Your artwork is beautiful and so colorful!
    I really enjoyed your tea tour photos very much too...
    like nothing I have ever seen before = beautiful.
    Also interesting about the shelf life of tea...
    I was wondering that just the other day.
    Happy T Day to you

  5. This was fascinating! Too bad you couldn't spend more time there.
    Lovely artwork. Happy T-Day! :)

  6. I enjoyed reading those interesting facts about tea, and learned some new ones too. I have never been to either a tea plantation or museum, so I really enjoyed the tour. Your artwork is full of vibrant color--lovely!

  7. Oh good, I'm glad we get to see some photos from your trip. The tea museum looks very interesting. I didn't know that white tea could be chewed directly. I just bought some. Should I try chewing it? We'll see. I'm worried that the flavor will be super strong.

    Your art is very pretty. I like the textures and the bright colors. Happy T Day!

  8. Hello Susan, so glad you could join us today!! WOW, what a cool tea post to share, how neat that you visited a tea museum. I enjoyed reading about all the facts and seeing the pictures, thank you for that!!

    I love your bright and happy spring art journal pages, so glad your painting!!! Today it is hot and 86 and I am happy about it. Feels so good to be so warm again after that cold winter.
    Glad you enjoyed my layouts, I am having so much fun doing them. The chevron paper is a favorite for me too and I almost didn't want to use it but knew I had to. Just did layout #30 yesterday and hope to keep them coming. A bit slower now though, busy at home and the warm temps keep calling me outside to enjoy it.
    Take care and have a good week! I hope to post Thursday about my Day In The Life from last week and some PL pages.

  9. What a great T-day post, and very interesting to learn a little more about teas. Thanks for sharing.
    I am in love with your colorful journal pages, fantastic job!!

  10. Happy T-Day!
    Thanks for sharing your tea museum photos. Love the patterns on the hills made by the tea. Your art journal pages are lovely.

  11. fascinating! thx! i'd love to go to a tea museum :)


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