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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Art

Happy June to everyone. It has not been a great morning for me. I'd been trying to upload the photos and update my blog but my computer is being very difficult. Hope it is not a major issue.
Today I wanted to share some art that I created after some classes. 
 Last month I had signed up for Alisa Burke's mini online class, Flower Power. The above doodle is something that I did after her class.
 The above page is after Melody Ross' class, The Walk. On the left I've done a self-portrait and have journaled about myself. On the right there is more journaling on all that I have been blessed with.

Linking my page to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday
Hope you all have a great week



  1. beautiful art Susan. I LOVE your doodled flowers, and your self portrait is lovely. When one thinks about it, a page of blessings can be filled up in no time. Happy creating and happy T day too!

  2. Your flower doodles look promising
    and your journal pages are really special
    writing things to be grateful for is very powerful!
    Computers are really wonderful when they are working
    but boy is it ever a pain when things go wrong...
    hope all is well now
    Happy T Day

  3. Wonderful journal page with the self portrait. Always good to write down blessings! :)
    Love your flowers!! I hope you are planning to color them--only because I love color--LOL! They are gorgeous as they are, too. Happy T-Day! :)

  4. I love your art :) beautiful!
    Happy T day :)

  5. The flowers are great, I like repeat images like that on one page. Enjoyed your journal pages. For me self portraits are difficult.


  6. Those flowers are amazing! You have some serious skills.
    Happy Tuesday!

  7. Thanks for sharing more of your luscious art. I especially like the intricacy of the doodled flowers. I hope that your computer problems get fixed and that you're having a Happy T Day.

  8. Those flowers are like a mandala on steroids. You did a FANTASTIC job. Your self portrait is gorgeous, too. You are definitely beautiful. Thanks for sharing these journal pages for T this Tuesday. Sorry I'm late getting here. I can't seem to keep my internet going.

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous. I love how they fill the page! Also your journal page is great. Such a lot of work

  10. Love, love, love the flower doodle! Your self portrait is really good, I'm not that brave and it would look more cartoon than portrait style.

    Happy T-day

  11. Really lovely cool that you are taking classes and putting your new skills to work! Blessings to you...

  12. Hi Susan, sorry I'm a little late. Hope your computer doesn't give you any more troubles, frustrating when that happens, especially on T days.

    Susan, your flowers are gorgeous and SO GOOD!! Alisa would love them but I love them most!!! I love how big you draw yours, I'm working on getting mine that size. So far just making my small ones is making me happy and feeling free too. I enjoyed this second week's lessons so much, learned a few things that will help me now. So glad we took this class!
    I adore your portrait, so pretty!!! Great coloring on it too. So wonderful to count our blessings, we are so blessed my friend.
    I saw your comment and was thinking of asking my readers here to do the same photo challenge with me. Even thought about asking Elizabeth if I can turn a T day into us sharing our pictures or I might just have to pick another day and have everyone link up over there and share. So glad you have an interest in it, THANK YOU!!! I will share my PL pages from them this week so you can see, was fun to do and see everyone's.
    Hope your having a good week, we are warm here and busy and excited for these last few days of school to be over, YAY!! Take care, HUGS!

  13. Hi Susan! This is my first time playing along on T stands for Tuesday. So nice to meet you. What lovely flowers ! When i saw them i immediately thought of Alisa. Hugs! deb


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