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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Tuesday and The Giveaway Winners...

Happy Tuesday and Happy First Anniversary to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday  I totally forgot to find a memorable  post that Elizabeth had asked to share this week. I just went to sign up at her page and then I saw the reminder. So here I'm back again updating and posting my page.


Thank you so much for your Birthday wishes and for the response to my Giveaway.
The winners have been chosen.
They are Rita and  Faye
Congratulations to you both and I hope you will love your gifts. Do mail me your addresses. I'll be sending the packages at the earliest.

Last week I was the recipient of a lovely giveaway package. I was the SOC week-4 winner.
These are the wonderful things that I received. Thank you so much Kristin for this wonderful birthday surprise. I'm all set to try them.

I've been up to something on my sketchbook with my usual morning cup of Folgers' coffee beside it.

Currently I'm going through Charles Reid's watercolor painting books and did this and the one below from them. Love his loose style with the water colors.

If you ask me the most memorable post from T stands for Tuesday, of course it is my first post. It is
this post and I love the tea cup that I had created (have posted the photo of it at the beginning of this post)  and also I'd shared some of my son's art work there. Thank you Elizabeth for allowing us to have a platform where we can share our art or things that we love with you and other like minded souls. 

Have a wonderful week. I'm linking my page to Elizabeth and all the other friends at  T stands for Tuesday.
Thank you for being here


  1. It was great that you could join us for T Stands for Tuesday this week. I saw you had won SOC last week, and got all excited for you and your birthday. These are awesome gifts. Kristin is the best!

    Your watercolors this week are wonderful. You did an excellent job. What impresses me the most is the shading. And the drawing. And the colors. What can I say, I like them both equally!

    Thanks again for joining T for this special anniversary week.

  2. Hope you are still celebrating your birthday month Susan!
    Your red cup with the music tea tag is wonderful as is all of your artwork.
    Congrats on winning that great SOC prize too.
    Happy T Day and here's to continuing fun and sharing.

  3. wonderful cup and artwork Susan!
    Congrats to the lucky winners!

  4. I like the shape of the handle and that bright red on your cup. And the colors in you watercolor: lovely!

    Happy T Day :)

  5. congrats to your giveaway winners, and congrats to YOU on your win Susan! What a coincidence that I did a teacup journal page with an unusual tea bag tag:):) Beautiful!

  6. I had missed your first post so glad to see it. :)
    Love the loose watercolor flowers. Happy T-Day anniversary! :)

  7. Congrats on winning the SOC prize last week! Kristen is so generous with the size of these gifts, and I know you will put yours to good use!

    Glad you shared your wonderful tea cup piece! Happy T anniversary!

  8. I so enjoyed seeing your teacup art and your son's art in the older post that you linked.

    Congratulations on winning the SOC giveaway! I know you'll have fun using all those colorful supplies.

    Happy T Day!

  9. So exciting to be one of your winners. I am sending my address in an email. I do love the watercolors you have here today.

  10. Hello Susan, so glad your in this T time blog hop with me, so fun to share isn't it. I do remember this post and loved it, especially because of your son's work. It still makes me happy a second time around. That tea cup and bag are still the cutest too.
    I love those loose painted blue flowers, so pretty!! The other one is great, so real like. You are growing again in your art my friend. It really shows in what you do now and how daily practice really does help you. I thought you'd like my fall one too, not ready for it to be fall but it's fun to see the pictures of it.

    Congrats again to you winning the SOC prize and for the winners here on your blog. I'm sure they will both enjoy your prizes a lot.

    Have a good week my friend.

  11. Love your organic looking paintings, very relaxing and reminds me of the sea
    Bridget #4

  12. Gorgeous colors! so fun to win!

  13. I love watercolors too...and sometimes it's hard to just let the paint be free style the way you've done but it is so beautiful and full of energy! lovely...happy T anniversary!

  14. Thanks for stopping by for T this week.
    I know I keep saying I love your water color paintings, but I REALLY do, and these are no exception. The "lose" style is one of my favorites.

  15. Wonderful watercolors, Susan
    Always a joy to visit you



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