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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

T for my first Giveaway

Giveaway Winners Announced
Rita of
Faye of

Congratulations to both of you. I've sent a mail to you both-:)

Happy Tuesday to all my blogger friends. Today's is a special post.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I wanted to celebrate it by hosting a Giveaway here on my blog.
So what am I planning to give you?
Well it is not going to be one package, it is going to be two for two lovely people.

*Package one consist of:
   A handmade book made by me
   Happy Mail with a handmade tag and a water color card
   5 plain deli sheets which you can use for your art
   2 Paper mate's ink joy black pens

*The second package has
   Happy Mail with a handmade tag and a water color card
   5 plain deli sheets
   2 Paper mate's ink joy black pens
   a pack of decorative red lace doilies

To enter this Giveaway, I invite you to leave a comment on which package you would like to have and why.
I will keep this Giveaway open till July 15th,  12:00 pm EST. I will choose the winners on the 15th afternoon and will post their names here.
Please be sure to include your email address with your comment so that I can contact you.

Back to my art that I love to share with you all.

 Oranges on my daily sketch book. I think I'm after food and flowers on my book now.

Green Chilly

I'm still continuing with the Documented Life Project prompts.
Week-27 The challenge was to add a crossword page on our journal. I added a crossword page, adhered a deli sheet over it, covered the sheet with gesso and doodled the flower. I filled the flower and the background using gelatos and I'm happy with this page  The flower was outlined using the Paper mate Inkjoy pen. I'm very happy with this waterproof pens for my doodling and writing projects.

Week-28 The challenge was to add a small snap to your page. I added this beautiful photo of the daisy flowers on my already prepared background. 
Do you see the left side pages of my journal. They are all a mix of deli sheets, gelli prints- lots of yumminess...

 More prepped up pages for the coming weeks. 

That is it for this week. Don't forget to enter for the Giveaway. Have a wonderful week
I'm linking this page to Elizabeth'sT stands for Tuesday
If you like my art and this blog you are always welcome to sign up as a member. 
Thank you for being here



  1. wow so many beautiful projects! A very happy birthday to you and thank you so much for your generous giveaway. I'd love to receive pkg. #2 only because my fave color is red and I LOVE those doilies. Would love to own some of your handmade goodies too. Enjoy your day tomorrow-hope it's a special time!

  2. Susan,

    FIRST, happy birthday tomorrow. SECOND, congrats on winning the SOC prize last week. Comes just in time for your birthday, too.

    You are so generous with your giveaway. I'm like Linda. I love the doilies, so my choice would be the 2nd package. Of course, if I were to win (wishful thinking), I would be happy with either of these, since you have included your own art as part of the package. And if I should win, you may contact me on my blog, and I'll figure out a way to get in touch with you, since my e-mail sends out spam.

    Thanks for sharing this giveaway AND all your beautiful art with us for T this Tuesday. and happy birthday, too!

  3. Well, Happy Birthday dear! What gorgeous art you've shared today...really love your DLP with the flower over the crossword squares...and such lovely give aways too! they are both wonderful, but the red doilies in #2 caught my eye :) happy Tuesday!

  4. Happy Birthday. What generous give away's your are offering. I like both but will choose #1. I've joined Robyn's poetry journal site and have been hung up trying to find the right journal to start. A handmade book would inspire me.


  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Gosh i love all the art you've posted here. The colors are just yummy!!!! If i have to choose i choose packet #1 but either would be wonderful!!
    Hugs! deb
    nuleaf at comcast dot net

  6. Lovely painting. Chili power! LOL!
    If I have to choose its package number one as I love handmade books

  7. Happy Birthday and Happy T Day! Your giveaways are both so colorful and beautiful...I really had a hard time picking, but for me, it would be #1. I love flowers and use them a lot in my art, and while they are both floral themed, #1 just speaks to me. Thank you for your generosity. My email is on my blog.

  8. Happy birthday! If I were to win your giveaway, I would choose package number one because of the brown eyed susan card. It makes me think of my Mom, who died in February - she loved those flowers! I am attempting to collage memories of my Mom and different flowers, and working with your beautiful artwork would help me push through my grief and meet that goal. And I love handmade books!

  9. Happy Birthday.
    I would LOVE to have either package of Happy Mail.
    Your drawings and paintings are so very, very good.
    I LOVE the prepped pages in your journal, they are beautiful just as they are,
    Have a great week,

  10. Happy Birthday,

    I am now following you by email, I find this easier when it comes straight to my in-box and your giveaway is mighty generous. I have never used ink joy pens before and your backgrounds are amazing. I think I like #2 because of the red doilies I have never seen them before either. As or deli paper I have never used this either let alone seen it, I have looked at what others do with it and I am intrigued, one day I will get some and give it a go..... My email is on my blog

    Happy Tuesday
    Hugs Eliza

  11. An amazing Giveaway and wonderful project too!
    Congrats on your win at SOC !
    For me both of your gifts are amazing ...


  12. Hello dear friend!! Happy Birthday tomorrow, hope it's a good day filled with sunshine and love and laughs and ART!!! How awesome and sweet of you to do a giveaway, these are great ones! Please pass over my name for the drawing though, I have beautiful art made by you and want others to have the chance to win your art too.
    I'm loving the drawings and the food you draw, they are seriously awesome and makes me hungry. Keep doing these please!!!
    Your DLP is going so well too, love what you did and all the yumminess in texture and colors. I know you must have had fun with them.
    It is pouring down HEAVY rain right now and I hope it doesn't come your way.
    Happy T day and enjoy your week. I have a post today and might squeeze in another later this week of my SOC which I started this morning.
    YAY for winning last week at SOC, sooooo happy and excited for you!! hugs and love

  13. Well, happy happy birthday to you!! Lovely drawings and art journal pages.
    I like the first package the best because of the flowers and the colors of everything. :)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  14. Your art is fabulous - what a delight to come visit. Wishing you a wonderful birthday that ushers in a marvelous new year.

  15. I just started following your blog & LOVE your work. I'd love to win #1 with all the goodies! I've never made a handmade book yet so that would be SUCH A TREAT!
    Happy Birthday tomorrow! Have fun. Get some R & R.
    Thanks for the chance,
    Grandma Nancy

  16. Happy Birthday!! Isn't that giving instead of receiving. I love both package...maybe this first one more since it's a little brighter in colors. I'm all about the bright colors lately.
    Love your orange sketch...the shadows are much depth.

  17. Lots of beautiful work by you! Love it all, but don't enter me as I live too far away.

  18. Its too hard to choose, cant I just have one of your drawings LOL
    Bridget #1

  19. Happy T-Day!
    And Happy Birthday! You are so generous and they are both lovely. If I have to choose I'll pick #1 because of the handmade book. I love sketch books and your pages are beautiful!

  20. Happy belated Birthday my friend! How did I miss this... I hope it was wonderful with a nice celebration! Wishing many wonderful and creative endeavors this year! I love both choices, although I would love to see that book and I love all the orange too!! Gorgeous work! Thanks for the opportunity to maybe own a piece of your lovely art!

    Hugs Giggles

  21. I love the oranges in your journal and also the chili pepper. If I win, I'd like either one but package 2 is my favorite.


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