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Friday, August 8, 2014

Roots Day-4,5,6,7

Hello to all the wonderful people out there. Somehow, right now I'm in a very calm and happy mood-:) One reason for that is of course because it is a Friday and reason number 2 is because I'm here updating my blog and sharing with you all what I did the last couple days.
I'm doing Lisa Sonora Beam's free online course Roots this month. She gives prompts each day and I journal and do an art page based on the prompts.
In my last post I did share Day-1,2 and 3 and today I'm posting Day-4,5,6 and 7
Day-4 was a quote on Practicing your art everyday.I did a collage and doodle work as my art for this.
Day-5 had one of my favorite quotes by Buddha. " Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it."
Again I did a mixed-media page and for me the boat stands for moving in the right direction.
Day-6 prompt is something that I need to be mindful about. It is ok to be imperfect. I deliberately did a quick page without much thinking. The perfectionist in me doesn't like this page but on the other side I constantly remind myself it is ok to create not so beautiful pages. 
Yet another one that I need to put in a lot of thought. "Go Gently." Each day I try to do so many things and by the end of it I am tired, impatient and sometimes in panic mode thinking of the unfinished projects-:(
I have to learn to prioritize and focus on a handful things. I need to be more calm and go slow in life.  

Well that is it for today. I also would like to share two paintings that I did as part of my daily sketching series. Of course, now I'm not able to do it everyday but Yes! I'm telling myself it is ok. Just enjoy and be grateful for what you are able to achieve each day.

Did these Summer pages in watercolors
Linking them to Alexandra's Sunday Sketches.

Have a happy and calm weekend
Thank you for checking
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  1. I enjoyed your post this week, Susan. Your watercolors are so beautiful. I especially love the tulips.

  2. smashing artwork Ariel. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. These are all great, but for some reason I'm particularly drawn to your sailboat page. The colors are just fun. Blessings!

  4. Beautiful work! I like your "go gently" page the best -- such gorgeous colors and shapes.

  5. Susan that's a huge accomplishment!! Good did so well!! There is so much beauty on those pages!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Wonderful art. My favorite is day 5 the art and the quote.

  7. I LOVE all your pages & paintings! Thanks for sharing them all.
    Grandma Nancy in central IL

  8. These pages are all so lovely, thanks for sharing your wonderful style!

  9. Lovely pages, every one! Love the purple tulips!

  10. Lovely journal pages! My favourite is the Gold finch. :)

  11. Most of your papers are terribly bucked from really should get some decent watercolor paper! It is so much better to work on than that nasty old lined the lined paper is wood-pulp based and thus not archival. If you are going to go to this much work, why paint on crappy paper?
    Just saying.

  12. Thank you Anonymous but let me make it clear. I'm doing a 30 day journal project called Roots by Lisa Sonora Beam. My intention is in journaling and doing art each day based on her prompts. This is a project where I'm just focusing on creating a discipline in art journaling and at the same time enjoying it. I chose a Moleskin notebook to do this and my focus is only on the quotes that she gives and what it means to
    Of course I do art that takes quality paper and lot of time and I do post them here. But The Roots is just for me to grow and enjoy. Thank you so much and I hope you will be back to see both the kinds of work that I post here.

  13. Susan
    I love all your art... you create beauty for all of us to see.


  14. Susan, what a lovely, heartfelt post. Your art is wonderful and I loved hearing about the online class you're taking. Keep it up, girl! :)

    PS My blog itself is back to blogger as there were too many issues with the "new" one. Please follow me here and update any SS links!

  15. Hmmm...not saying you need a Moleskin book ...I seldom use them, they are so pricey. But there are some great journals made by Strathmore and Dick Blick has incredible prices, you can get things for way below what they are at any other big box stores. I just think if anyone is going to do artwork, they should always use good quality materials, no matter what the intent of the project is. You never know when you are going to create something really wonderful and wish that is was on better paper. It is just kind of sad to see people using low quality supplies when better ones are not that much more expensive. I used to teach quilt classes and the horrible fabric people would bring in to class was surprising, then they wondered why they had so much trouble sewing it and also wondered why their project was not turning out very well. It all comes down to quality.

    I also do art each and every day, I work in a Fabriano Classic Artist Journal and have gone through several over the years. The paper is not that thick but it does hold up fairly well even to a bit of watercolor. Sometimes I use Inktense pencils or Neocolor water soluble crayons and find that buckling is at a minimum if I don't use too much water on the paper.


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