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Sunday, September 14, 2014


 Day-14/30 Peacock Feather. I love them, for me they are magical, bright and rich in color.
for: 30 Paintings in 30 Days.  This is also Week-38th challenge of DLP. To draw, doodle or add a feather to your journal.

Face-14 I'm happy with this one. It is of course not complete. I'll be adding color to it and will share it here

I'm also linking my page to Sunday Sketches


  1. Both, the feather and the face look great! The color and the background (the bookpage) of the feather is wonderful!

  2. Beautiful feather, I love peacock feathers too! The face is looking good too!

  3. Susan, you have made beautiful art again my friend. Just love seeing what you will come up with everyday. I like the face just like that too, can really see the details and how well you did. Keep it up, your doing great!

  4. Lovely work, Susan. I LOVE your feather. I've always admired anyone who can draw/paint those. I can never get mine to look so soft and lovely. :)


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