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Monday, September 22, 2014


Welcome Fall, my favorite season of the year. I'm already excited to see all the slight changes that are happening in nature-:)

 I made a Fall Journal and am planning to paint so many fall themed pieces here. This is a 'no sew' book that I learned from one of the tutorials provided by Cathy Johnson. 

Today we had the weather in 60's. After dropping my son at school I decided to walk back home. I found a beautiful fall leaf and this is my first painting of my favorite season.   

 More fall colored leaves on the left side of my journal

 This is the front cover of my journal. Again it is also handmade, rich in layers of paint and texture.

The inside of the book is almost similar to an accordion journal.

 The back cover of the book.

This is my Face-22 for the 29 Faces Challenge. This pretty girl's drawing is after Danielle Donaldson's Creative Girl from her online class of the same name. I have made it a little different from her original creation. Love her and am already thinking of  creating more of these cute ladies...

I'm also linking my post to Day-22 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days  
Thank you for being here

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  1. Hello Susan!! WOW, such a gorgeous fall page, YAY!! I am happy to have found leaves too, my favorite time of year. Your girl is so sweet and you should make more! I like the idea of a fall album too, always fun to do that. Way to go on your faces and daily painting, KEEP IT UP!!! I saw the ones below too and your doing great!

    I am linked up for T Day if you stop by and see the post below that one too. The weather did get pretty cold here, I'm trying not to turn on the finance yet, hope this doesn't mean a cold winter like last year. Not sure I could do that again. Take care and nice to catch up on your art here.


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