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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hello dear Elizabeth and all my other "Tea" time friends. All of a sudden it is as if Summer is in its full swing here. It is so hot and humid that I am feeling tired all the time:-)  I'm always keeping a big bottle of water with me to drink nowadays.That's my daily journal sitting next to the bottle.

 For Day-3, of 30  Paintings in 30 Days  I did this owl painting. In my college days I had the luck to see and touch a baby owl and they are one of the softest and most gentle birds I have ever come across.
I'm doing this challenge on water color paper and am adhering them to an old book.

This is my Day-3 Face for the 29 Faces Challenge. Many layers of stamping has gone on this page. 
So far I've been doing these challenges on card stock and then adheres them to a Moleskin notebook. This way I can always come back and journal my thoughts if I want.

Lastly, I also want to share my page on Week-36 challenge from the DLP. It was to use 'black and white' and this is what I came up with.  
Thank you for being here.
Linking my page to T stands for Tuesday  (OMG! I didn't even realize that today is Wednesday) Anyways I'm linking my page
I'll be back again tomorrow with two new creations.


  1. Lovely journal pages! I quite like the texture and color of your backgrounds, and love the owl!

  2. I'm glad I checked back in on Elizabeth's blog or I would have missed your wonderful art! OMGosh these are great! I keep scrolling through all three and still don't know which one I like the best.
    Love the colors of the owl and the use of white pen, and the way you left the hair (or no hair) as the background is a lovely idea and I really like it. The B&W is awesome too!

    Hope to see you again next week.....or before....grin
    Thanks for sharing your art.

  3. Glad I didn't miss catching up with you! The oel painting I'd just so sweet and I am sure the finished book of all your paintings will be gorgeous! We are having a spell of hot and humid weather here n NY...makes me feel the same way.

  4. Drinking our water is good for us! I like that multilayered stamped image.

  5. I think you really captured the texture in your owl picture. Nice :)

  6. I am trying to drink more water as I know I don't drink enough. I love your pictures but the owl is my favourite.
    Happy T Day whatever day it is!

  7. Happy T Day - even if it is Wednesday :D Your pictures are wonderful. I love the owl. You have Summer just starting, where ours is just ending. We've had beautiful weathr today and yesterday, but it's cooler in the breeze and the evenings are cooler. Nice for me. I'm not a fan of heat. Have a great rest of your week and a fun weekend ahead :D

  8. Talk about being late. I'm also late, and that's not good for the host. Been offline all day, so trying to catch up.

    I love your owl painting. It is beautiful. When I was a child, my neighbor who was about my age found an owl and a crow. He brought them both home and raised them together. The newspaper did an article and I learned they are supposed to be enemies. Says something for nurture vs nature, if you ask me. I got to play with both the owl and the crow, and the owl's feathers were extremely soft. Neither was afraid of me, either, and didn't try to hide when I came by.

    You make AWESOME art. Wish I could draw like you, but there is something in my brain that simply doesn't allow my hand to interpret.

    Thanks for joining T this week. Doesn't matter what day, either. I can understand the lack of energy, too. Our local station said this month feels more like August than September. I agree. You can drink the air.

  9. Hello Susan, so happy to see your beautiful art again. You have been very busy and posting them too, YAY!! So glad your having fun and doing the 29 faces again. These faces are so different from your past ones, so cute and wonderful backgrounds. What are you using to draw them with?
    What a sweet owl, how neat that you got to touch one and I read Elizabeth's comment too, how lucky for her too. I've seen them at the parks and would actually be afraid to touch one, lol.
    I see you and Elizabeth are both doing the 30 days of paintings, how fun and I've seen others on my IG doing these too.

    I just posted and think you will like seeing what I'm doing, take a look if you have time. I missed out on linking up Tuesday, no time. So I did post now and hope to link up next Tuesday. Laughed at your thinking it was Tuesday, the holiday messes me up each time. It is HOT here too my friend.
    Take care and will check back soon to see the next pages. Keep it up!!


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