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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

T stands for Day 9/30

Hello Elizabeth and everyone at T stands for Tuesday. I'm continuing with the two September challenges.I have no cup of tea or coffee to share today but a bottle of plain water.  
This painting was an idea that evolved in the morning. I had painted the flowers yesterday night and was not happy with them. Today, as I just sat there and stared at the page I visualized this girl's face and from there it got easy... I just completed it and love how it has evolved-:)    

               Day-9 Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days and 29 Faces


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  2. I'm a girl who loves flowers in her hair. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I need to go back and see what I've missed. I've been so busy with challenges every day this week (well, actually since the 1st), I haven't had much time to myself. And the one day I planned to "play" on the computer (see what my friends are up to), I decided to clean several drawers in my office.

    Your lady is quite lovely. I suspect by the end of the month, you will be very happy you took both these challenges. Unfortunately, the ones I'm in can't be combined.

    I'm so glad you linked up today. I kept watching and refreshing, then decided to do something constructive. All the while I kept hoping you would find time to post. Glad you did, dear.

  4. Wow, this is gorgeous!! What a lovely idea. I really love her face. I'm new to doing faces and am having fun, but can't wait till I can produce something as cute as this. Your flowers are so lovely and a real bunch would brighten any room, anywhere :D

  5. So pretty. I'm impressed with you and all the others who take on and meet these challenges.



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