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Monday, March 9, 2015

Tea with my Flower Girl

 Hello to all my 'Tea' time friends. I mentioned about the She Art-4 class by Christy Tomlinson that I had taken couple of weeks  ago.  This cute little flower girl's portrait is from that class.
As for a drink, again i am enjoying another round of cold and sweet iced tea in this hot weather.

Did you like her dress? It is made out of handmade paper  and the gold print is real fabric that I have cut in circles.
This is yet another class that I have really enjoyed. I want to create more lovely flower and quilt girls.
Wishing you all a lovely  week
Linking my post to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday
Warm Hugs


  1. Your flower girl is indeed lovely. I really enjoyed seeing this latest piece of art. Yes, I like the handmade paper, and the fabric circles were a stroke of pure genius. Really, really clever.

    I hope you enjoy your cold tea, as I sit her with teeth chattering (grin). Amazing how we seem to live in our own bubble, yet know about areas outside our immediate town. Thanks for sharing your tea AND your lovely flower girl with us for T this Tuesday. Hope the tea cools you down a bit.

  2. Your flower girl is lovely with her special dress Susan!
    There is no substitute for a good teacher...happy you are enjoying your classes.
    Happy T Day
    stay cool

  3. I love the flowers in her hair, and now I can't get that song out of my head ;)

  4. She is so lovely Susan. Nothing like good teachers to inspire such beautiful art. Christy is one of the teachers in the Radiant Faces class I'm taking. I've checked all the lessons out but am still working with the first one. I want to take my time and really learn from it all. You stay cool, and I'll stay warm. Happy T day!

  5. Thanks for the comment Susan. No I have not taken a class on Dangles, but I did find a video, which led to me buying a book, which led me to following her blog.....and then there is You Tube...(grin)

    Your flower girl is fantastic, and I agree with the rest, a "good" teacher always show in the students work.

    Have a super great week, Happy T-day

  6. Your flower girl is quite lovely and perfect! I always adore adding fabric to a piece...yay! enjoy your tea and have a happy day!

  7. She is lovely..... I haven't had real honest to goodness sweet tea since high school i think.. I had a best friend that made the best sweet tea served ice cold in a metal pitcher... mmmmm.... Stay cool my friend and make more art! Hugs!deb

  8. Love your Journal Page today!!!! Flower girl is so sweet and who can resist a girl with flowers in her hair ♥

  9. Hello Susan, I love your flower girl, so pretty!! Great job adding gold fabric to her dress, adds a nice texture to it. Keep making them and sharing them for us!

    We had a gorgeous day today, walked the dog outside and had my tea outside too, YAY!! Should be nice for a few more days then I'm not sure. Hoping it's the last of the snow though, we can see some grass now, YAY!!
    Take care friend xo


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