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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Art of Spring

 Hello everyone, the first week of  April is almost over. Wow!  we are completing the first quarter of 2015-:)
This week I want to share two watercolor pieces that I did from "The Artof Spring" a new spring class by one of my favorite artists, Junelle Jacobson

 This cute flower girl is inspired from the original sketch
Sweet lambs are a favorite of hers.The above sketch is from her class. 
As for my drink, this is a glass of oats that I am having for my dinner as it is already Tuesday night here.
Linking my page to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday
Wishing you all a happy Tuesday


  1. "a glass of oats"? I eat oats but have never heard of drinking them. I think the lamb is sweet :) Happy T Tuesday!

  2. really sweet illustrations Susan. I love hearing about the classes everyone takes. I must say I do love oats but never tried drinking them:) Happy T day!

  3. Your spring illustrations are really lovely and the lamb is a sweet addition!
    Your oats sound yummy!
    Happy T Day
    p.s. this year is flying by isn't it!!!

  4. Lovely watercolors!!! The month is zipping by isn't it :)

  5. I certainly was impressed by your lovely paintings. Your lamb is especially lovely. Spring is in the air, at least where I live. I've never heard of drinking oats, but I sure like the fact it's the first time anyone has ever had it for T.

    Thanks for sharing this unique drink and your gorgeous spring inspired art with us for T this Tuesday. Sorry I'm late. I had an internet issue this morning that was finally resolved by calling my internet provider who got me back online.

  6. Those are great paintings! The flowers certainly say Spring! Never heard of drinking oats either!

  7. Glass of oats? I am a bit confused, too. Is it like runny oatmeal. That actually sounds good to me. ;)
    Cute girl and lamb. Love all the flowers. Happy T-Day! :)

  8. yes I too am curious about glass of oats. Love your drawings

  9. Truly fabulous, love these!



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