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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Sketch

Happy Tuesday-:) Doesn't this pretty dress bring out the beauty of Spring? 
This is from a workshop by Laurie May, named  Dresses on a Clothesline. I have two more projects to complete from this class.  
Laurie's classes are so affordable and if you are interested here is the link.

I am linking my cup of green tea and water color at Elizabeth's T for Tuesday
Thank you


  1. Yes, that looks like a fun class for anyone who likes to draw or use watercolors. I'm sure you will have fun with it. Your dress on a clothesline is adorable. I like how you interpreted her art. I also like the colors you chose.

    Thanks for sharing your tea and lovely dress on a clothesline with us for T this Tuesday, dear Susan.

  2. Absolutely pretty Su!! Let me imagine u in tht lovely beauty of u had a wonderful T day dear..

  3. what an adorable painting Susan. I'd love a dress like this:) Thank you so much for sharing about this class. I've bookmarked the website for the future and to check out some of the classes listed. Happy T day!

  4. That is an adorable dress ♥ The tea sounds good right now too :)

  5. Love the painting. So pretty.
    Happy T day!

  6. There is something about clothes hanging on a clothesline that I enjoy so much.
    Your pretty red dress is oh so charming and lovely with the perfect pocket and birdie too.
    Thank you for your sweet comment at my Mapie's was be a wonderful treat to sit down for tea together in the garden Susan ~♥~

  7. Pretty cup! And your painting makes me feel like Spring! :)

  8. Oh, that is so cute! And you know I'd love the red dress. ;)
    Very belated happy T-Day! ;)

  9. This picture is simply adorable! Love it. So fresh looking!

  10. Hello friend! I'm soooo glad you are taking one of her classes. This is darling as is her other classes. I hope to take one some day too. LOVE THIS!!!

    Your girl and colorful page below is good too. You are on a roll with your art journal, so happy for you!! The touches of silver is nice!!! Hard to believe it's May already, this year has gone by fast. I keep saying it but it's true.
    Happy Mother's Day friend, enjoy being with your family and your sweet boys.


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