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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome September

Happy September
The advent of so many new things! Fall is at the doorstep, Schools reopen this week, my elder son going to 3rd Grade, my 4 year old starts today in pre-k 4, and we are shifting...
This morning along with my usual cup of tea I am sharing my lotus painting. The inspiration is all from Patty's fabulous lotus pictures that she had shared last week.
Painting this beautiful flower is not easy at all but I am happy to have taken the challenge.Thank you Patty for inspiring me...
I did not stop with one. In one of our recent conversations a friend of mine with whom I got a chance to reconnect after 13 years also did mention about her love for lotus flowers.H this is for you-:)

Yesterday, I borrowed this book from the library. We have plans to move from our current place to a new one by the end of this month. The idea of packing and shifting does scare and excite me at the same time.

That is all for this week. Hope you all have a lovely week 
Linking my cup of Tea and lotus to Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday


  1. Oh Susan! Your lotus paintings are wonderful!!!
    So happy my photos inspired you.
    They are such stunning plants.
    We are trying to downsize here in case we want to move in the coming years.
    Wishing you well...moving is lots of work but a great opportunity to let go of some things.
    Happy T Day Susan oxo

  2. Hello Susan, Happy T Day! WOW, your Lotus flowers are gorgeous!! The little masks are fun too.
    How neat that you are moving, enjoy getting rid of things you don't need, moving is the best time to do that. The less you pack and take, the less you have to unpack at the new place. Good luck!

    Happy first day of September, our favorite season friend. Looking forward to sharing it with you again this year. xo
    I linked up today too, YAY!

  3. Your lotus paintings are very beautiful! Have a great week, happy T Day, Hugs, Valerie

  4. wow, These Lotus paintings are a hoot!! i wish i could paint like this.
    happy t-day, susan!

  5. It sounds like there are many changes in store for you. I hope your move goes smoothly and that the book is a help.

  6. what a beautiful painting Susan-I love lotus blooms! After so much time away you are yet again on another time consuming adventure. I hope all goes well in the process of moving and wishing your children a wonderful school year!

  7. Wow, Susan. Your painting is sensational. I'm super impressed.

    Gosh, I would hate to have to move right now, and I'm sure it will be a bit frustrating now that school has started or is about to start. I hope that book is helpful, because I'm trying to purge, too. Right now I'm working on my laundry room and I keep asking myself why I need so many cleaning supplies when they all do basically the same thing. Good luck.

    Thanks for sharing your tea and your lovely art with us, as well as the book that might come in handy for lots of us for T this Tuesday,

  8. Lovely lotus paintings! We have no plans to move, but I am in a big de-stashing, purging, get rid of anything I don't need mindset, too!

  9. Wow, what a beautiful painting! I wish I could paint like that.
    Have agood week,

  10. Oh how nice to connect with an old friend!! The lotus are beautiful!!
    What's the deal with people moving? I hope you love your new place as much as I do mine. :):)
    Happy T-Day!! :)

  11. Moving is not for the faint of heart....and you know i KNOW Well it might have been a challenge but you rose to the occassion. Those lotus flowers are gorgeous!! You did an awesome job. I think i'm going to have to tackle on of Patty's lotus blooms too.... although not with water color.. :) Happy T Tuesday. Hugs! deb

  12. Fabulous lotus flower paintings...they are beautiful! sounds like lots of change is happening for you right now...hope your kids have a great school year and the move goes smoothly!

  13. Fabulous lotus flower paintings...they are beautiful! sounds like lots of change is happening for you right now...hope your kids have a great school year and the move goes smoothly!

  14. Very very pretty lotus flowers Su...loved it..
    keep creating....

  15. Wow, lots of changes are coming up in your life, since you are moving and a new school year is starting. Good luck on everything! Keep up the good work on your painting, when you have time.

  16. Belated T-day wishes Susan, sorry I'm so late in returning your visit, and thank you for the comment. I would LOVE to have someone to walk with in the mornings too.

    Your Lotus flower is FANTASTIC!! Weren't Patty's photo gorgeous, and you did them justice with your paintings.......BRAVO!!

    We have just started trying to get things lined out to build a house after the first of the year. After being in this one almost 40 years, my mind has started to try and sort tings to how much junk I NEED to get rid of.....and what I REALLY want to take with me. So I do understand what you are starting through, all though I no longer have small children at home.......but only one 67 year old.......LOL

    Keep up the painting and good luck with all the changes that are'll do fine!

  17. Your lotus painting is really wonderful Hope your move goes well.


  18. Moving is difficult but thinking about in terms of a chance to reclaim what's important and tossing out what's not makes it less daunting. The book looks like a great resource, I hope it helps you. I love the texture of your lotus flower and the shading. The background lends itself well to the flower, there but not distracting..


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