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Friday, October 9, 2015

DLP August Challenges

Last week we moved in to our new apartment.  September was one crazy month with packing, decluttering, living among dozens of boxes and still trying to maintain a normal routine.
Now, things are almost settled, my boys love their new nest but we are all trying to come to terms with the profound silence that embrace us here. In our old place, there was the constant noise of ongoing traffic but here though we are very much amidst the city, we are surrounded more by nature...
Back to art... I have been taking part in the Documented Life Project for the last two years. Every Friday I post my art from this project here. Ive not even started with the September prompts.
The following pages are from August. Here goes...

August 8: Characters
For this challenge I created Goldilocks and the baby bear from the popular fairy tale, Goldilocks and the three bears.

August 15: Painted
This painting is totally inspired by the creation of Danielle Donaldson. This is from her "CreativeGirls" class which I had taken the previous year.
August 22: Layered
She is my own creation after getting inspired by Danielle's Creative Girls. I've used multiple layers of paints, papers and pens here.
The prompt for the last week of August was "Self Portrait". I never got the time to try it but didn't want to keep my page blank. So I added this 'Flower Girl' inspired by Christy Tomlinson's art here.

Now I have to start the September prompts. 
Wish you all a wonderful weekend
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  1. Love all your paintings, your girls are all so pretty. Glad you are getting settled into your new place. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. beautiful, beautiful paintings Susan! I especially love your Danielle inspired pieces. I'm continuing to work on some projects from her book :) All the best in your new home!

  3. What wonderful paintings! These fill my eyes to the brim. They are so charming and creative. Enchanting!

  4. So glad you got moved! Now you can catch up with the DLP prompts and things will settle down. The quiet of nature sounds wonderful to me. :)

  5. These are all terrific. I especially like the first with the dear little baby bear.

  6. they are all terrific but I am really drawn to the "painted"one... that one is particularly lovely

  7. Beautiful pieces Susan, considering you just nice that your boys are enjoying it... soon you will love the quiet!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Settling into a new place always takes some time. Your art is magical and so much fun. Well done.

  9. Hello Susan! YAY for seeing you post and share some art. Congrats on your new home and the quiet there, that's how I like it too. So glad you could catch up in your DLP prompts and they are all girls, YAY! Each one is wonderful and so creative friend, I always enjoy your girls. Not sure I can even pick a favorite, they are all so good.

    Happy October and fall again, our favorite season!! The leaves are changing a bit more here now and gorgeous night skies with cool mornings. Thankfully the weather has been perfect lately, sunny and just right. I posted a fall post last week, come see when you have time. I won't be linking for T day tomorrow, won't have the time but might still do a post just to have it.
    Keep crafting and sharing with us friend! Hugs and love,


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