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Friday, October 23, 2015

Artsy Friday...

Happy Friday everyone Today I am sharing here this week's DLP challenge and more sketches from the Inktober challenge.

This week's DLP Challenge was to use Vellum paper. My inspiration comes from the art work of Lisa Congdon. I adhered a vellum page as my background.  Next I painted some circles with watercolors. Once they were dry, I doodled over them. Finally I collaged the page using tissue and vellum scraps.

Day 17 #Inktober 
I used Dyson Inks prays on my page. Once they were dry, I sketched my leaves on it. To make it more interesting I cut them and adhered on my sketchbook. 

Day 19 #Inktober 
My son's Helicopter sketching

Day 21 #Inktober 
A quick sketch of a Pumpkin 

Day 23 #Inktober
A collaged page with a watercolor cardinal and a feather using pen and ink.

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Have a wonderful weekend  


  1. Lots of fantastic work this week! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Love this diverse display of beautiful art! So much talent, and that son of yours is amazing! That ink is wonderful!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. so much lovely art here Susan! I do love cardinals (they are red after all!) so that is my fave. And your son's helicopter drawing is SUPER!!

  4. love your cardinal the most but i also love your leaves.

  5. that is a huge creative week... and so many great things to look at. The cardinal is lovely!!

  6. You've had a very creative week! My favorites are your cool helicopter sketch and that gorgeous cardinal painting. Blessings!

  7. These are wonderful Susan!! That cardinal and feather are amazing, I know you like drawing those. YAY for more fun art from your son. Keep it up friend, love seeing all this art from you :)

  8. You have quite a collection and so varied too. Great work.
    Have a wonderful weekend ;D

  9. Wow these are all so pretty. I love the pumpkin and the bird.

  10. These are all wonderful. I especially loved the red cardinal. What a beautiful painting!


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