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Friday, October 16, 2015

DLP Oct, Inktober and Fall

 Happy Friday...

DLP Oct-3rd
Challenge -Use Deli paper
I love deli paper and so enjoyed doing this week's challenge a lot. The background is covered using painted deli paper left overs. This time I involved my 4 year old too. The fall leaves in the background were painted and created by him.  We then added gold glitter to them. Finally,  I cut and pasted them on the page. 
Next I added the collage elements.I tweaked them with more colors and glitter. 

Challenge -Tissue paper 
This is a collaborative one with my 8 year old son. I pasted various  tissue papers as the background. I then added some leftover scraps for the grass. The cars are my son's drawing. They were drawn from his imagination. He even named them as Cute Cars-:) The truck, Shop Cute belongs to a shop of the same name.

 Inktober# 13
Yet another drawing by my 8 year old. He did refer a 'How to draw Buildings' book. I think it did  come out so well.

 Finally,  my Fall leaves... Each year I try to paint some of these treasures.

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  1. What fun art! I really love the leaves.

  2. I love that you and your son enjoy art together! Happy PPF

  3. beautiful art by the both of you Susan! Your leaves are especially gorgeous and vibrant.

  4. The collaborative art is so fun. The leaves are stunning. You are so right in wanting to capture their beauty, Its that time of year :)

  5. I love how you are making art with your children! Super results.

  6. Wonderful work, they are all great I especially love the one with the owl! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  7. Wow you have talented sons! Wonderful the fun and the buildings are amazing!! Of course the Halloween art is SPOOKTACULAR!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Hello Susan!! So happy to see all this art from you and especially your boys lately. SO GOOD!! Susan, that first art is AMAZING!! The colors and collage pieces are beautiful together, so good for the season and Halloween. You should frame it!
    Your son draws so well friend, just like you. How special it is to have art time with your boys. The buildings and cars and their touches are wonderful friend.
    ALWAYS LOVE your leaves each year and these are bright and gorgeous and make me smile!!

    Keep it up friend, tell the boys too from me please. Susan, even without your PL being done your telling beautiful stories in these are pages with them.

    Keep warm and enjoy the weekend. xo

  9. How wonderful to have your children join in with your creativity. They're obviously talented too.
    I'm also taking part in the Inktober challenge. Beautiful artwork.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy PPF to you all

  10. What fun to team up with your son. That painting made me smile BIG. I also love your other work, too--how creative you are! These are charming.

  11. Wow you accomplished a lot this week and to enjoy it with your son. My favorite is the Halloween piece. Very nice.

  12. You have been really busy this week and I love each of your beautiful pictures. They are all so different and all of them are adorable!

  13. So nice ur boys are part of ur most creative times...

  14. So nice ur boys are part of ur most creative times...


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