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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Inspiration

Happy  Spring everyone. The days are sunny and warm here:-) Today I will share more sketches from March Daily Drawing Challenge  that is hosted by Pam Garrison at 
Day-22 Lamps
The drink I want to share with you all is a healthy oats-apple smoothie. It's simple and tasty. I ground half cup of oats and added apple slices and soy milk to it. Finally, I blended them till it turned to a smooth consistency and the smoothie was ready. If you want it to be sweet, you can add sugar or honey to it.
I did miss some days of sketching but am happy with whatever I am able to do. Reminding myself not to stress:-)
Day -13 Sea weeds
Day -21 Purses
Day-23 Cakes 
Hope to finish the rest by this week. Spring has arrived and I created a mixed media page.
Love the tree and the hand made flowers. I had a textured paper and used that for the bunny.
A close-up of the piece.
I've been lucky enough to take classes at home for children. Above is a lovely canvas that was done by a 4th grader:-)It is always wonderful to hear children coming up with their own color combos and ideas. I give the freedom for them to choose and come up with their own imagination.

Hope you all have a great week. I'm linking my page to Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday


  1. I love the scene with the rabbit and the one with the owls. I like each element and how they are arranged in the whole. Lovely. Spring! Happy T Tuesday :)

  2. I like that rabbit page, too, and apple&oats sounds rather tasty, even though it is wholesome. ;-) Happy T-Day!

  3. It must make you very happy to page through all those wonderful sketch pages with themes. I really love the seaweeds! Your mixed media page is delightful as is the owl page done by such a young artist. Thanks for sharing the apple and oat smoothie-I will give it a try:) Happy T day!

  4. Your artwork is beautiful and you do so much raising a family too.
    I try to remind myself what I did accomplish in a day rather than thinking what I did not. Some days it is easier than others of course ;-)
    Time is such a precious commodity isn't it.
    Happy T Day dear Susan.
    Thank you for sharing your artwork and that yummy smoothie too.

  5. Wow, Susan, that smoothie sounds awesome. I should try that recipe sometime. I am sure it is quite healthy, too (unlike the cake I gave Sally).

    Your art is incredible. I adore the purses and cakes. They both made me smile.

    I agree with Patty that it's great that we remind ourselves what we accomplished each day, rather than dwelling on the negative. You do SO much and raise a family, too. That 4th grader (would that be your son?) is a fantastic artist and mixed media expert.

    Thanks for sharing your smoothie, your awesome art, and the 4th grader's art with us for T this Tuesday. When I first saw the bunny, it reminded me of my handmade paper.

  6. Your pages are indeed wonderful! Such a great variety! Happy T day! Chrisx

  7. Oats and apple sounds wonderful...going to have to remember that combo.
    Love the mixed media pages.

  8. Your journal pages are so pretty! love all the bright colors and the variety of the cute bunny too! Happy T Day....very very late!


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