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Saturday, June 4, 2016

More from 100 Days Project

It has been a week since I have posted here:-( Anyways here is the rest of my drawings from The 100 Days Project. Better late than never:-)

Day-38/100 'I am Safe' in my watercolor handmade journal
Day-39/100  in my handmade journal
Day- 40/100 Rose

Day-41/100 A mixed media piece from my Art Journal.  My take for DLP Unplanner challenge of May 21st. Use self made stickers...


Day-43/100 A favorite piece of mine in watercolor

Day-44/100 in my art journal. .. my take for the last week of May challenge for the DLP Unplanner Project 
Use a stamp...

Day-45/100 Night

Linking my post to PPF and Sunday Sketches
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend 


  1. they are all lovely and have a wonderful connection to nature. Well done Susan. Happy PPF and happy weekend!

  2. Terrific collection! Love those polar bears! And the bees. :D

  3. Nice pieces, luv the honey bees best

    have a good weekend

    much love...

  4. Good progress. I had to give up the 100 days. I take too long. Love the polar bears.

  5. These are great Susan I almost see a childs story book here!! Really nice pages....I love all of them... I see them threaded together with words!! Love the bears and flowers sooooo much!!

    Hugs Giggles

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