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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I swayed to the rhythmic movement of the train.
Outside, the concrete dwellings gave way
To lonely thatched huts in the green fields.
One-legged cranes snoozed on the fields,
The coconut trees swayed in the breeze.
A gust of wind brought in the stink of damp husks.
A lone boat drifted on the distant river.
Women took a dip in the pond
To ward off the summer heat.
Men sat on river banks patiently
Silent and erect; only their eyes darted
At the fish swimming below.
Urchins with their muddy faces and pearly teeth
Laughed and waved furiously at us.
I swiftly painted the images in my head
And carefully wrapped them among the other treasures.
I can see them even now
While lazing around in my apartment
Far away, from my homeland.

Love Always

For: Sunday Scribblings- Distant
Carry on Tuesday - In my head I paint a picture


  1. " ... swiftly painted the images in my head
    And carefully wrapped them among the other treasures ..."

    Love this image ...

  2. Wonderful imagery!
    I can picture it all so vividly!
    Bravo on this writing, Susan.

  3. We should all have images like these....

  4. You have painted a beautiful word picture. I can see the scene clearly in my mind's eye!

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

  6. The first line instantly draws me,

    stunning writing.


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