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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


"Never Fear To Try"

Last weekend I was out of town and hence had to skip my Art Journal post. After a crazy and busy day, one filled with cooking, cleaning and tons of other 'to do' stuff, last  night I was thankful to have finished this page.
I did the background using acrylic paint. Then I had no idea on how to proceed with it. My mind just said, 'use white' and that was it. I was scared whether I would make a mess or whether I will have to do a new page. Anyways, I took my Sakura white gelly roll pen and started with the tree and the circles on the left, next came the lines and I went on till I was satisfied.

On this page I used very limited supplies and still am OK with what I have achieved.
For me Art Journaling is not just about art it is also about learning to face my fears and failures. I will write more about it later.
Thank you



  1. Susan, this page looks very beautiful, I see castle and mountains...

  2. WOW WOW WOW this is gorgeous!!! It's amazing what a little paint and pen can do isn't it. Love the background colors and the white pops out so cool with it. You did an amazing job on this, I see all the drawings/doodles too. Simply stunning my friend, you should do this again!!


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