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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Insist on Yourself...

 "Insist on Yourself. Never Imitate." Emerson

I had some issues with my computer for the last couple of days. My camera lens has been damaged and now I've to rely on my hubby's phone to take pictures. Hmm! Let me see what more challenges am I up to in the beginning of this year:)    

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  1. Gorgeous doodled page! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Susan, you have done a great job with your hubby's phone. Honestly, I would not have noticed the difference. This page is so soulful. I really love this quote. In a world where we are surrounded by the "fashion" industry and the "dos" and don'ts", it is hard to remain authentic.

  3. love the quote and your art illustrates it so well.

  4. Susan, sorry about the computer and your camera. Hoping nothing else breaks on you anytime soon!! These pictures are great, no worries there!

    LOVE LOVE this beautiful page, you have a great way of combining colors!! The added white just makes it prettier, love this so much!!

    Great sentiment, really love it and I think you live by it every time you create!!

    Thanks for the comments, I'm doing better finally today. Got my week 2 done in PL and today I played/painted a little bit. Hoping your week goes well for you. HUGS!


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