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Friday, February 8, 2013

A new Challenge

I had so much fun doing the background of this page. It has got many layers of book pages, paint, stamps and even some stencilling.  I did a She Art Girl on top of all that.

 I wrote the quote on masking tape. The quote is part of a new challenge at Artists in Blogland. It says, " Good friends are like quilts, they age with you yet never lose their warmth."

You can see the details of this new challenge here,

I'm also linking this page to Art Journal Everyday.

Thank you


  1. Love the background, it is stunning. It's a very beautifull page.

  2. Hi Susan, so excited to see this She Art from you. Her outfit is so cute and the background is YUMMY!! So much texture and layers you have, goes great with the girl. So happy you enjoy doing these and sharing them with us.

    Have a good weekend and hope your feeling better today!

  3. Your background is so beautiful. Love your page.

  4. this is a beautiful background Susan. so full of textures and colors.

  5. Love that background. It looks like a wonderfully soft vintage fabric :)

  6. Hi Ariel (ty for your comment on my children's page from AIB) and YUP our children are everything! Now! this page is out of this world! it is brilliant. i am always curious how many layers are under the layer that is showing. and how did you come to do the oh man are you talented at making a person look like a person! this is a course i must take! there are so many elements here and doing the words on masking tape....brilliant! such a joy to be here.

  7. this is FABULOUS Susan!!!! I really love your richly layered background and she art girl!! Way to go!

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! The background is totally gorgeous and the colour scheme is beautiful. Love it - sorry did I already say that?!!!

  9. Love your background! Great take on the challenge!


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