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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

T for being Thankful

Happy Tuesday to everyone

Here I'm, Thankful for being able to do yet another post for Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday.
I thought today I'll also stress on T for being Thankful.
I'm Thankful for all the little and big blessings that are showered upon me.

Thankful for the kids settling down in their new schools, especially my little one  who has adjusted so well to his new surroundings.

Thankful for all of you who sent their kind and encouraging words last week when I was sitting here all worried thinking about my son's first day of pre-school.

Thankful for the watercolor class that I joined last week. Yes! this is the painting that I did in yesterday's class. I'm so happy to have done this. Usually I like painting flowers and anything related to nature. Yesterday, I just moved out of my comfort zone and did this taxi cab. I knew my sons would love it and they did!

Thankful for the daily routine in which my days are passing. I prefer some order in the day to day events. Unexpected changes make me go into panic mode.  

Thankful for all the people that I've now in my life. We meet different kinds of people in our journey.And I love to take in all such experiences  thus: There is always something good to learn from each and every person who come across in life.

Thankful for my yesterdays, and especially for this moment.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week
Thank you for being here


  1. This was a SUPER post, dear Ariel. I'm thankful, too. Thankful for every time you join in on Tuesday with your lovely art. Thankful you are willing to share that lovely art, including the cups and the taxi.

    What a blessing to be able to learn from others and enjoy that others learn from you. This is a tremendous thing to experience and to share, too.

    Happy T today. I'm very thankful you walked into my life and T!

  2. Gratitude is something to nurture every day and this is a marvelous post!! I love your teacups and the taxi! Happy T-Day! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post! i love the colorful teacups and the taxi is just amazing! It is wonderful to try something new!

  4. Oh yes, you will be popular with the boys drawing vehicles! You are getting on really well with your class by the looks of your artwork. I love the teacup stack too.

    Cazzy x

  5. I love the cups, they are darling! It's good to think on things we are thankful for. Thank you for causing me to think of this today!

  6. Dear Susan, I LOVED THIS WHOLE POST!!! You know I'm THANKFUL for your friendship and guidance, such a wonderful friend you've been. We are a lot alike in being grateful for all we have, the little things especially!! So glad everything is going well for you this week and your little one.

    WOW that taxi painting is so dang cute and soooo GOOD!! I bet the boys loved it, you should make another one and put them in their rooms. Good for you going outside your comfort zone and doing something new. YAY!!

    The cups are beautiful and FUN and HAPPY!!! I love them so much!!! Need to do me some more cups, seems I love sketching then don't paint them.

    My day didn't go as planned so I didn't get to my watercolor group tonight. Won't be able to next week either. Good that you are my friend.
    Thanks sooo much for sharing T for Tuesday with us, love having you here!

  7. Beautiful litany of thanks. Your painting class sounds like fun. Happy T Day!

  8. thankful. excellent point that we need to focus on that more...a terrific watercolor too! you can surprise yourself when you go out of your comfort zone can't you!? thanks for sharing...

  9. The teacups are very pretty!
    I think when we are thankful we are just happier people.
    I don't take anything for granted!

    I remember when I first came to visit your blog(it was some time ago) and I'm truly impressed with you you have progressed in your artistic ability!
    Bravo, Susan :)

  10. A beautiful way to be thankful. :) great teacups.

  11. Your tea cups are so colorful. Looks like you are enjoying using watercolors.



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